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Jul 5, 2006 09:07 PM

Vegetarian/Vegan food in Tacoma? Or else good funky local coffee shops?

Hi! I searched the listings but I couldn't find any suggestions for good vegetarian or vegan food in Tacoma more recent then 3 years ago. Some (very relaxed) co-workers (from Seattle) and I (from Olympia) are hoping to meet up in Tacoma and two of us are vegetarians. Know of any good vegetarian or vegan resturants, not too pricey?

We'd also like to find a good, fun, funky, local coffee shop - you know, with horrible service, great coffee, and couches.

Any suggestions?

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  1. To hit both with one stop, I'd recommend the Antique Sandwich Co. in Ruston (which is part of the far North end on Tacoma -- a extra small community that surrounds the entrance to Pt. Defiance).

    It's funky, has great veggie selections including a sandwich or two. And a full coffee selection.

    Head up Pearl St. until a block before the park. It's on your left. Oh, and one last tip -- don't go over the speed limit in Ruston -- it's how they keep their local economy afloat.


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      Thanks so much for your speedy response! I've heard of that place before, that it is good - do they serve more than just sandwiches? Thanks so much!

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        I like the Mandolin Cafe for a funky coffee shop. Plenty of homemade goodies and good coffee and couches, music and magazines. Enjoy.

        Mandolin Cafe
        3923 S. 12th St
        Tacoma, WA 98405

        1. re: khamil

          AND bad service with an attitude!