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Jul 5, 2006 08:55 PM

Good Cheap Eats in Soho area.

I will be in the city for a few days and would like any all sorts of foods, but I do love good vegetarian.


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  1. One of my personal favorites in Soho is Bar 89. Comes across from the outside as potentially expensive, but it's an upscale diner and has good food. Always a good scene there as well - 89 Mercer Street. Check out the bathrooms if you do go as well.

    1. Thanks for the tip..:)

      1. Pepe Rosso to go on Sullivan is cheap and popular. As is Bread on Spring St. There's also Sullivan St. Bakery, and Fanelli's for a pretty good burger. (fanelli's is a bar though)

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          Thanks. What about Angelica's Kitchen or Flor's kitchen?

        2. angelica's kitchen in BLAND. all of the above mentioned are great. if your looking for vegan/vegetarian, the best downtown are counter (trendy vegan, great wine /cocktails), pure food and wine (amazing amazing raw food, also great wine list, all organic, VERY elegant) and a small place in chinatown/soho is wild ginger (fake meat chinese)..theres a bunch of great places uptown as well, but those are my faves downtown. check out

          1. just as an FYI, if you're willing to head out to Flor's or Angelica, then go to the East Village for your cheap veggie lunch - lots more options there. if you want to stay in Soho(ish) I often grab my cheap(ish - this is Soho!) lunch at Hampton Chutney Company where I always get the dosa w/spicy potato. I think it's about 7 dollars. I happen to like Angelica myself. another fun East Village place to go vegetarian is Pukk, which is vegetarian Thai (ie, no fish sauce)

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              I was going to recommend Hampton Chutney Co. too. It's a good place for a quick lunch while shopping in SoHo. I went Monday and split a Masala dosa deluxe with a friend and we had two mango lassis for about $22, which is pretty cheap for the neighborhood. The dosas are really big too so they are good to share.

              Farther west I would go to Sullivan Street bakery for their pizzas, or Ruben's Empanadas, but I would get those to go. Palacinka (unsure of spelling) is a cute cafe/crepe place.