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Major Kudos to the Engineering Team

The new reduced font size is GREAT! I can't tell you how appreciative I am of how quickly you've been responding to issues. Very impressive, and certainly augurs well for the future.

My congratulations and my thanks.

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  1. I prefer the previous, larger font size...BUT I still think you are doing a terrific job with this site! Thank-you!!!

    1. While I had adjusted to the larger font size... I thanks for changing it to smaller! much easier to scan through each board now!

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        OK...I'm also "on board!" It took me awhile -- a few minutes! -- and now I DO like the smaller font size. THANKS for working so hard for us!

      2. I just came to Site Talk to say the same thing! I *LOVE* the new font size. I had also adjusted to the larger size, but I much prefer the smaller type font - especially in the subject headers.

        You guys ROCK!

        1. Love the new font! I'm much happier having more threads to view on 1 page. Thanks guys!


          1. Huzzah! Thanks to the Chowhound ET.

            1. Huh. I didn't even *notice* the smaller font. I guess because it's still larger than typical. Regardless, it looks good now (and it looked fine before IMHO).


              1. But are we getting any more topics per screen? I can get 12 per screen on mine, but it seems like there is a lot of white space between them. Did the "boxes" that the topics reside in shrink as well? I can't tell.

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                1. re: Greg B

                  Yes, the boxes seem to be smaller. I checked a tab that had the old format open and it has one less topic showing on my screen just looking at the top of the screen which includes the header. Would net more further down the page.

                  1. re: Greg B

                    I think it's giving about two more topics per screen. What would really help would be to get the text in the title boxes down to one line and reduce the Reply counter boxes to one line of text. Maybe put the "posted by whomever" as a rollover?

                    1. re: Greg B

                      This is why I asked on another thread if the objectors to the large font were bothered by aesthetic issues or wanted more topics per page. I'm an agnostic on the former but a "more topics" proponent.

                      So even though I'm neutral about hte font size except insofar as it leads to more accessible topics, I continue to be impressed by the responsiveness of the Engineering Team, who are clearly listening to the concerns of Chowhounds. Bravo for this!

                      1. re: Dave Feldman

                        At a conference I attended last week, I took notes with my laptop, interspersed with checking out Chowhound via wifi. The type was so large that friends sitting two rows behind me were giving me grief for not giving the speakers my undivided attention! I'm glad the font is smaller for both reasons.

                    2. While I certainly like the new font better than the original, I think it could still go a point or two smaller. And, while 40 per screen is good, 60 or 80 would, of course, be even better.

                      I'm mindful of Karl S's post about slow loading (and quick loading is certainly important) for my part, this site is loading quite fast enough.

                      Would anyone else prefer yet a smaller font and 80 posts per page? Obviously, that may become a major loading issue that is only appropriate for the tech team to respond to.

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                      1. re: Bob Brooks

                        I like the current font size pretty well. Wouldn't mind 60 or 80 topics if it doesn't present a loading problem.