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Jul 5, 2006 08:32 PM

West Covina dining options?

I've been finding myself in West Covina for dinner a lot lately... and it seems to be a land of chain restaurants (I'm convinced every chain is available within a 5 mile radius of that town!).

Are any decent, non-chain spots out there?

Open to all cusines and price-points. I'm not really interested in finding out about adjacent cities, unless it's right on the border.


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  1. Check out the Hong Kong Market Plaza on Glendora.

    You'll find a veritable treasure trove of Southeast Asian restaurants.

    Not only is there three or four Indonesian restaurants orbiting the Hong Hong Supermarket, there's Penang, a Malaysian restaurant and Krua Thai, a good Thai place that's been mentioned here on Chowhound before.

    Here's some info and pics on Krua Thai:

    And some info and pics on some of the Indonesian places there:

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      1. Taste of Texas on Grand, I believe, they moved 2 years ago. Fajitas, Nachos, ribs are all good.

        1. Stay away from Ichikara, some of the worst teppan-yaki known to mankind.

          1. i second the penang rec. their rendang beef is really good.

            krua thai's pad thai is even better if you ask for it extra spicy.

            there's also salo salo on amar & nogales for good filipino food. this place is known for their grilled meats. i like their pork bbq. try their lumpiang a sweet and garlicky vietnamese fresh spring roll but bigger and warmer. kare kare for stewed ox tail in a peanut butter sauce (tastes a lot better than it sounds =). and maybe halo halo for dessert.

            depending on which side of west covina you're on, you could be very close to covina where hayakawa on citrus north of the 10 does great sushi. townsent on san bernardino between azusa and vincent does decent cantonese. these 2 are relatively near the border.

            or if you're closer to the 60 there are tons of chinese, japanese and korean places in rowland heights to hit up.