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Jul 5, 2006 08:16 PM

Marie Callender's - Marina Del Rey

Anyone know if another restaurant is going in this space?

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  1. I might be off on this, but I think it's condos.

    Kinko's closed and so did Chandarette. Chandarette was closed so condos can be built, I keep assuming that the Kinko's, Marie C's and Carl's Jr. closures are all part of the same development. They are all sort of on the west edge of that property. Maybe someone else knows something else about it ...

    (Kinko's moved across the parking lot, but the stand alone Kinko's is closed.)

    Now, tell me why Jamba Juice in the same parking lot had to move ... LOL?

    1. Well not a restaurant per se but the re configuration of the Marina Freeway.

      1. It is condos. Kinkos will move back into old space after condos are complete, Kinkos will be incorporated from what I hear.