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Jul 5, 2006 07:53 PM

Smoked Salmon

Excited with my new smoker, I'm planning to do another smoking project this weekend with salmon.

Does anyone have a good recipe? Tricks and Tips?


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  1. I just smoked a large salmon filet last weekend.

    Here's the basic steps that I followed:

    1. Cure the salmon for 24 hours. There is a thread on curing on this board. The basic idea is that you rub a salt+sugar+seasoning mixture one the fish.

    2. Rinse off the cure and then let it dry, for about 12 hours.

    3. Smoke at either a low temp (around 85 degrees) or higher temp (around 150 degrees). These make very different finished products. I did the hot smoke method. It smoked for 1-2 hours, and I pulled it when the fish was about 140 degrees inside.

    You can also do a marinade or brine instead of a cure. You can also skip this step altogether and just smoke the thing.

    Let me know if you have questions and I can fill in the details.

    1. I cure mine for about 24hrs in maple syrup (3pts) soy sauce (1pt) worchestershire sauce (1pt) bbq seasoning (1pt0 and hot sauce (1pt). (This also makes a great marinade for grilling)
      Rinse it off, dry it with paper towel and let it air dry. Smoke doesn't stick to wet very well according Alton Brown. I only need to smoke mine for about an hour. Your time may vary. I use maple but not a whole lot. A little smoke seems to go a long way.
      If your fillet has the skin on it, great, if it doesn't, place your fillet on cheese cloth for easy removal and non stickiness.
      Let cool and serve with dilled cream cheese, capers and crackers.