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Jul 5, 2006 07:37 PM

Inexpensive Chinese Buried In Office Park Complex

If you've driven east on the San Bernardino Freeway through El Monte, you've noticed a street that parallels the freeway with a bunch of mid-rise office buildings. Perhaps the most notable landmark on this stretch is Edwards Steak House. Tasty Express is located in the building at 9550 Flair Drive, and is so obscure that the first time I went there I couldn't find it, concluding that it had gone out of business. As things turned out, it was there all the time, but I just didn't see the entrance on the outside corner of the building at the backside. Not to say this is gourmet food, but for $3.20 you get a three item combo, which except for the rice and noodles, orange chicken, and broccoli beef, is full of selections that you never see at a chinese steam tray place. When I went the selections included tomato with egg, brisket of beef, roast chicken, and turnip dishes. An extra 50 cents gets you a fourth item. There's also a separate Shanghai influenced menu. Also good slush drinks for only $1.75 (with quantity discount). Virtually all the customers are Chinese, and I think Tasty Express would rank among the best culinary bargains in town.

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