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Jul 5, 2006 07:36 PM

lunch for 10 around 1st street and athenaeum in cambridge?

looking for a good place for a team lunch next week. our office is near 1st street and athenaeum and we have 10 hungry folks who know their food. "entrees around $15-20" type of place and don't mind the "corporate" thing since it is a team lunch. any recs?

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  1. Bambara in Hotel Marlowe isn't too far of a walk, can accommodate 10 easily. And the Legal by the Kendall Sq. T. Not sure how big the dining room is in that hotel where the firehouse was but that might work.

    1. There's also Atasca on Hampshire Street just outside Kendall.

      1. We've had team lunches/dinners at the Kendall Legal Seafood.

        The dining room at the Black Sheep at the Kendall Hotel that Joanie mentioned is definitely small. But they may be able to accomadate you if you arrange it with them in advance. Info about Black Sheep here:

        There is also the relatively new Dante in the Royal Sonesta across from Cambridgeside. They serve lunch and their prices fall into your price range. I haven't tried them yet so I can't comment on how they are.

        1. Dante has the nice advantage of the terrace overlooking the Charles if the rain passes. I can't get my coworkers to eat there because the menu verbiage is overbearing, but its definately interesting.

          We had a nice lunch at Black Sheep for 4, but more would require calling ahead. I think Helmand only serves dinner and I have had good dinners at Ajanta, but not so good lunch experience.

          If you are willing to go a bit further, the North End beckons. And closer than Atasca is Portugalia which I enjoy for lunch, but I would stir you toward seafood rather than meat entrees. Muqueca is a good option if you order a la carte rather than the buffet and has nice juices. The sushi place near there is pretty good, but you are already in Inman territory.

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              I think you are right. My coworker mentioned it a few weeks ago, which was why I had it in mind, but I haven't been in several years.

              FWIW, although I am not opposed to Legal as a rule, the Kendall Legal has some serious service problems with regularity. My coworkers love legal, but even they have ruled it out for work lunches. (They also enjoy Papa Razzi and its not offensive, but has nothing strong.)

              Its been closed recently I think because of the rain, but the Blue Room lunch BBQ can be a nice option on occasion. You can sit on their terrace, but it unless they are willing to reserve tables for you, a group of 10 would be hard.

              What is the current restaurant in the ex-Thinking Machines building? I saw a so/so review here, although it was better covered in the press.

          1. Ajanta was replaced by The Similans a couple of years ago. It's an above-average Thai place, owned/run by the Brown Sugar Cafe people. FWIW, Dante (replaced Davio's in the Royal Sonesta) got a quite good review in the Globe today.