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Jul 5, 2006 07:13 PM

LA Chowhounds ... any opinions on LA Weekly's list of 99 essential restaurants?

[Note: This was moved from Not About Food - The Chowhound Team]

LA Weekly has a list of 99 "essential" Los Angeles restaurants this week. (Hope there wasn't already a thread on this, I didn't see one ...)

The first thing I thought was that a Chowhound poll for essential restaurants would be sort of similar. I don't think there were more that a couple of places on the list that I haven't seen discussed on the LA board. Al-Watan for Pakistani is one that didn't ring a bell, though that doesn't mean much, I could have missed it. I'm not sure if the board's list of essential restaurants would be the same, exactly, it's more that 'hounds have been frequenting the places he lists enough for them to be mostly familiar to people who read the board.

FWIW, it wasn't "best" it was "essential" which means it "reflects Los Angeles in a startling and unusual way." Read the link for the full definition.

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  1. I thought it was pure marketing schtick.

    1. What do you mean by marketing schtick? Reputable restaurant critics such as Jonathan Gold are in no way beholden to their publications' advertising departments. As a occasional food writer, I'd like to understand why some people seem to think all food writing is dictated by ties to advertisers.

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        I meant the idea of "99 essential restaurants" is marketing schtick - not any one particular restaurant (or any particular group of 99 restaurants picked out by one writer), or that JGold was pimping any restaurant.

        I'm sure there are proper divisions between the editorial and advertising depts at the LA Weekly.

      2. Wow. I have been to exactly 13 of the 99 "essential" restaurants. I guess I'll have to turn in my Chowhound LA badge and go live in North Dakota.

        I don't go to fancy restaurants very often. I don't EVER go to fancy restaurants in WeHo, Melrose or Park La Brea. I don't feel the need -- my contribution is local little ethnic dives in and around North Hollywood.

        The ones I have been to have all been excellent and earn my continuing patronage, I will say that... but Fogo de Chao? Whom are they kidding here? It's essential to pay $50 for the same food you can get at Picanha or Gauchos Village for $25?

        1. At quick glance Susina Bakery...but no mention of Amandine! (In my books, that would put him in the declassified file.) But, hopefully he "redeems" himself when I read further...:)

          1. Something is up here folks. I noticed that Brent's didn't make the cut. It is certainly worth mentioning. I went on to read "where to eat now-deli" which mentions Art's as the best deli in the Valley. Please!!