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Jul 5, 2006 07:11 PM

Looking for Vegan Mediterranean Takeout In Hollywood

A friend of mine is off to the Hollywood bowl with a group and to satisfy the needs of them all, Vegan Mediterranean was chosen as the cuisine. Without going to Whole Paycheck, are there any good options in the weho/hollywood area for takeout?



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  1. that's funny. a new term. it seems to me that this is like asking for tomato, bread and pasta less

    1. Not really, since he can easily find hummus, tabbouli, mutabal, muhammara, pita bread and other salads to fill the bill -- none of these have dairy or meat. I would recommend Moishe's in Farmer's Market,or he could try Eat a Pita on Fairfax if Zankou Chicken is too far east.

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        yes, all these dishes are vegan. but nowhere that makes a decent one of any of these dishes is going to be a vegan restaurant. just a fact of life, i think.

      2. I prefer Moishe's at Farmer's Market to Eat A Pita but both are tasty.

        1. Thank you all for you help. My co-worker feels better. She did not want to go to whole foods or TJs and do it herself for the time involved then running from work in Culver City to rendez-vous in Hollywood then off to the Bowl.

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