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Jul 5, 2006 07:11 PM

Pie Tanza (great one Steve) & pizza observation

My wife and I are big fans of pizza places from the Jersey/NY area, but I convinced her to try this place a couple months ago based on your rec and I must say thanks. We've made the trek from Silver Spring a bunch of times since and every pie we've had has been outstanding. We also love to split the Pie Tanza salad to start things off. We've tried the tomato & oregano, roasted garlic & red pepper and sweet red and yellow tomato which has a really nice tang to it.

So here's the observation. I seem to recall that they have the same guy making the bread at 2 Amy's, similar to the same guy who makes the pies at Delorenzos in Trenton and Difara's in Brooklyn to name two of my northern faves, but there's a bunch of guys making the pies at Pie Tanza and they all seem to come out great. Just extremely good training? And why the heck doesn't Maryland have a nice place like this? OK, that's a complaint due to sheer jealousy, but it would be great to have a place like this on our side of the American Legion Bridge. Maybe a trade? Ruan Thai for Pie Tanza?

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  1. Your last comment would make an interesting Chowhound thread/game. Imagine we could "trade" restaurants as if our various areas were sports teams and the restaurants were players.
    I could see Baltimore trading a Korean place, a crab shack and a local "tavern with food" place to be named later for one of the Wooster Street pizza temples (Sal's, Pepe's, etc.) Maybe we could trade even up with DC/NoVA - a crab shack for a dim sum place.

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      Ha, that would be interesting. But would you be willing to give up the 'best'? Could you say goodbye to say Mamas on the Halfshell for a Wooster pizza joint? Might elicit some strong opinions, eh?

    2. I'm glad you liked it.

      I've had some inconsistency, and I don't think they carry out as well as eat in. But the red and yellow tomato is one of my top three pies in the area. The salads are also good choice, you're right.