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Jul 5, 2006 07:03 PM


Not really food but certainly an aspect worth discussing. I love beer and I am trying to expand my taste. I know of maxs and brewers art but I am looking for places more like Joe Squared. By this I mean they have a selection thats good and varied yet its not overwhelming like maxs or brewers art. Plus maxs and brewers are too well known and sometimes its a pain in the ass to get to the bar and order. I recently found wayne or wade Mahaffreys place in the canton area and I love it. Does anyone know any other places like Joe Squared or Mahaffreys with a good beer selection

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    1. maybe the still in timonium?

      1. Idle Hour on Fort in S. Baltimore has a decent selection. Grand Cru in Belvedere has 5-6 interesting taps. I agree Mahaffrey's is very good. Are you looking for taps or bottles? Baltimore lost a real gem (at least as far as beer is concerned) when Sean Bolans closed. I am not sure how Clayton's is (the place that took over the building). Mother's in Federal Hill has a good selection as does the Rope Walk (if you can stand their politics).

        1. In addition to those mentioned (although I question the size of the Still's beer selection):
          Ale Mary's in Fells Point
          Wharf Rat (both)
          Growler's in Highlandtown
          John Stevens in Fells Point
          Frisco Grille in Columbia
          Barnyard in Glen Burnie
          Racer's in Parkville

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            Mahaffey's is fun, the owner Wayne is a character.

            Max's obviously, Brewer's Art is tremendous.

            For just relaxing and getting good beer without being too heavily invested in beer, John Steven Ltd. and Ale Mary's are a good direction to take.

            Inland you can't go wrong with Frisco Grille, The Judges Bench or Victoria Gastro Pub.

            1. re: usctrojanbrian

              Mahaffey's is my favorite beer place, not as overwhelming with the choices as Max's, but still plenty of good beer on hand, not to mention the fun that Wayne brings to the place. Jack's Bistro has a nice varied selection as well if you've never tested the place out.

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