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Just noticed there is a Fatburger in my neighborhood (Jersey City, NJ). I know many 'hounds are a fan of this chain, but I'd like more info before I venture inside. First, is it "good for a chain" or really good and worth seeking out (ie better than a local burger joint)? Is the consensus that I should get it with an egg? Any other tips would be appreciated for a fatburger novice.

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  1. It's really good, period, and less like a chain than most. The burgers are enormous, and cooked fresh(the biggest, the Double King, weighs in at a full pound, while a standard fatburger is 1/3 lb.)and most locations feature a ketchup pump, which is essential in my estimation.

    I would skip the egg.

    1. They have lots of condiments that can be included, but my preference is to forego the lettuce, tomato, onion, relish, etc. My favorite is to order it with just bun, patty, cheese, mayo, ketchup and pickles.

      1. Be sure to order it "on the char."

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          To expand to someone who may have never been, the "Fat on the Char" is an important ordering instruction as they both GRILL and FRY their burgers. The fried burgers obviously sit in the fat and tend to be greasier. Those on "the char" have the benefit of the grease dripping through to the heating element which will fire-up and cook the meat better.

          P.S. I also always order bacon, adore their onion rings, and highly recommend their shakes!

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          2. If you get your burger rare or medium-rare, get the bun (dressed as you like it) on the side. This gives you the chance to blot the patty (ie, drain it) with a napkin so that the juices don't make the bottom of the bun soggy.

            1. Fatburger is the best of all the burger chains. A proper burger from them will come close to needing a dropcloth instead of napkins. If you haven't had a burger with a fried egg before, definitely try it. It adds something that's hard to describe but is certainly delicious. The Fat Fries are great, as are their lemonade and shakes.

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                I think they're top notch, but I'll differ with the jester and say skip the egg. It's definitely a great hamburger topping (actually, quite possibly the original), but I don't think they do them well. Try it at home and keep it over easy.

              2. I am a big fan of Fatburger. It really is great.

                I love the traditional Fatburger with all the trimmings including the fried egg. I also opt for the Onion Rings, which I think are grand, over the steak fries, but either will do you well.

                Get plenty of napkins, a large beverage of choice and be patient. Everything is cooked to order, so if the place is busy, it may be a few minutes.

                1. I guess I'm the lone dissenter, but I really, really, do not like Fatburger. I wanted to like it, wanted to LOVE it, but went twice (Gilbert, AZ) and cried sad tears on soggy fries. Both times the burger was dry and tasteless, and the fries...well soggy and that was before the tears. Didn't try onion rings but I don't think that will bring about redemption.

                  1. I'm going to dissent as well.....
                    I also really wanted to like it, but I had my first Fatburger last Saturday night (well Sunday Morning) at the Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe. Maybe it was the casino location but it sure wasn't anything to write home about. The onion rings were good, but my burger with everything, cheese, and an egg was dry and flavorless as can be. I added extra kethup for some moistness, but then it tasted too much of ketchup. They were doing a bang-up business at 3 in the morning, and putting out a gang of food, but it just didn't stand out. And in the casino setting my burger, o-rings, and a soda came to over $12....and that's not what I'm talking about.

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                      There's few things worse than a dry quick-serve, or any other kind of, burger. Ordering your burger medium-rare or rare (if the place will actually cook it that way) goes a long way to getting you a juicy and moist piece of meat.

                    2. I've never had the burger at Fatburger, but I had the best turkey burger ever there... moist and tender!

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                        I agree, their turkey burger is fantastic! I order mine w/no mayo, add ketchup, extra pickles and relish - yum! Also, I've never tried their regular burgers b/c we don't eat beef...anyone reading the news lately re: tainted beef?

                        Their onion rings are the BEST!

                      2. Big N Fat approves of Fatburger. I like em', you will too!

                        1. Damn it!!! We need a Fat Burger in Cincy!!

                          1. for Pete's sake -- it's a hamburger and it's in your neighborhood. I'm sure you've spent more money on bigger disappointments. Go in and try one for yourself -- yours, after all, is the only opinion that really matters.

                            (Personally, I really like Fatburger, enough to go out of my way for one. Preferably char-broiled, though they'll fry them if that's your preference).

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                              Say what? If your talking to me there's no FatBurger's around here. As a matter of fact, i've never even heard of FB until i read this post. Sounds good though.

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                                Ranger, Muskrat was addressing the OP.

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                                  Yea, I realized that after i posted, my bad. But back to the topic, I just read that our very own Willie Anderson owns a Fat Burger in Atlanta!! Thats too cool, Willie's a nice guy. I've met him a time or two. He's a Bengal for those who don't know.

                            2. I like the skinny fries and the fat fries. :) Others really like the burgers. I don't like all the sauces on the burgers. I prefer In N Out's burgers. :)

                              1. They do a decent burger. Better, most of the time, than Johnny Rockets. But the quality to price ratio is askew. In-and-Out serves a smaller burger, but their double-double is much less expensive than a single at Fatburger. If I remember correctly, bigger burgers at casual places like Chili's come with fries for about the same price as a Fatburger with a side of fries. Considering the cheaper or better options, I just about never find myself choosing Fatburger.

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                                  I agree with you, if you get a double chilli cheeseburger its a dollar for each slice of cheese and a dollar for a tiny dollop of chilli, 3 bucks alone before you even start with the burger, rip off. I think in n out is a much better deal.

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                                    That was exactly my experience and those are my basic thoughts, as well. The burger was good, no complaints about it on the plate (or tray, or what-have-you). I prefer In-N-Out's vegetables and, all taken into account, prices more than Fatburger, so I'd likely not find myself in Fatburger either unless convenience to my location was a major factor.

                                  2. can't wait to try one. detroit's (12 mile & telegraph in southfield) first fatburger opens tomorrow.

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                                    1. I went to the Fatburger in Soutfield, Michigan. It was the worst, dired out, thin burger I ever ate ! Save your money ! Or at least don't go to Southfield Michigan Fatburger !

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                                        I was not impressed by that one, either. There seems to be a Five Guys not too far from that. I guess Southfield is really getting hit by the chains now.

                                      2. For whatever reason the Fat Burger by me in Pleasant Hill California didn't last more than 10 months and it closed, I tried it and thought it was pretty good.

                                        1. Well, let's see...if you enjoy greasy burgers and lackluster fries, sure, Fatburger is your place.

                                          Fortunately San Diego has several options for good hamburgers, for meat eaters that is.