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I am looking for somewhere in Manhattan that makes a killer muffelleta. Any ideas?? Thanks

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  1. though not traditional (as in central grocery style in new orleans), i love the muffelleta at financier on stone street. they only have it wednesdays though.

    1. Let me know. I still have a sealed jar of Central Grocery's olive spread in the fridge from pre-Katrina. Saving it for a special occasion.

      1. I'm not sure how good they are but I saw some at Murray's Cheese on Bleeker the other day.

        1. Come to Bklyn. Tempo Presto on 5th Ave in Park Slope does a good one. Also, I hear that Stan's Place on Atlantic Ave is solid.

          And, while we're on N.Orleans, if you love Cafe du Monde coffee, I hope you all know that you can still get it in Chinatown at the neighborhood grocery stores for under $4/can.

          1. Central Grocery is alive and well, by the way. I was there a few weeks ago.

            See this post too.


            1. the one from murray's is quite good, though not in the same league as central grocery - they seem to make their own "olive salad", it doesn't have all that oil that gives you heartburn just unwrapping it. however, i don't want a replica - i'd prefer to save that treat for when i am in new orleans. i would, get it from murray's again, actaully had a jonesing for one yesterday but went somewhere else instead.

              1. Has anyone had the Muffaletta at Two Boots? I noticed it yesterday for the first time, grabbing a slice at the one below Rockefeller Center. I'd be interested to know how it is...

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                1. I liked the ones at Schlotzsky's but it seems that they closed up shop here in the NY Metro area.

                  1. I had a muffaletta from Two Boots at Rock Center, and it was perhaps the worst sandwich I have ever eaten -- crumbly bread, no olive paste, horrible tasting cold cuts -- basically inedible.

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                      That's a bummer... but definetely not a surprise.