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Jul 5, 2006 06:52 PM

help save my scrolling finger!

is there a way to view only new replies in post? I bookmarked a few ones I was following so I can see "new" and use hot posts a lot however when the thread get really long it is downright painful finding the new posts. Am I just missing something? is there a quicker/fast/better way? Thanks!

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  1. What about holding down the Page Down key?

    1. I just read a post that said to click on the "add your own" button on the OP. It scrolls the screen down to the reply box at the end of the topic. Most replies are at the end and it is a quick scroll back to read the last posts.

      This was a very good tip. I will used that now. I have been opening posts by clicking on the reply link. That takes me to the first reply and I do not need to re-read the OP. Now I have a way to scroll to the bottom instantly.

      Reply link from list, "add your own", back button to return to list.

      Thank you, Chowhounds who posted those ideas. You ROCK.

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        Please note, though, that on long threads, you might miss some replies if you go straight down to the bottom.