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Jul 5, 2006 06:32 PM

Best Barbeque in South Florida?

I'm a South Florida native and I've been gone for a while. What's the best place for bbq these days? I'm staying in Boca Raton, but I will also be in Miami Beach and I'm willing to drive a long way for good 'cue.

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  1. In Ft. Lauderdale:

    Tom Jenkins (US1 just south of Davie Blvd.) for St. Louis ribs. The chicken is excellent, too. Generally good sides and the sweet potato pie is worthwhile. Chopped pork is also very good, unless you can get to...

    Georgia Pig (US 441 just south of Davie Blvd.) for the chopped pork sandwich, the Brunswick stew and the old-school homestyle pies. The sandwich is a masterpiece if crunchy bits and tender bits in perfect proportion. I used to be blase on their thin, mustard-based sauce but I've since decided that something bolder would only mask the flavor of the meat, and you wouldn't want that. Ribs are good, the rest of the menu is generally nothing special AFAIK, but it's really about that sandwich. And anyway, as a native you probably already know all this.

    Texas Hold-'Em: Sunrise, east of Powerline. Second-tier but still very good. Used to be a gas-station parking lot BBQ but they've graduated indoors. The meat's of a bit lower quality, so the ribs are bonier and the chopped pork gets a bit fattier, but they do great things with both. Our favorite greens and mac and cheese in town, too. And when they have it, the only remotely worthwhile BBQ beef brisket I've run across in Broward.

    South Broward:

    Scruby's (Somewhere in Pembroke Pines and a large, snazzy location at SR 84 and Pine Island): Not quite on the same level, but very respectable ribs and chicken. Sides just average. Sliced pork and beef don't do anything for me.

    1. I could not agree more. My favorite thing to do is hit Tom Jenkins for ribs and sides then drive over to Georgia Pig (it is just a few miles away and both are right off Davie) for a chopped pork sandwich and pie.