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Jul 5, 2006 06:27 PM

New Yorkers searching for their inner Duck

I am taking my Manhattan-born and bred boyfriend on a trip to the Northwest for his birthday (he's never been west of St. Louis) - we will have 2 days in Portland, 1 day in Eugene (my family), a trip to the coast (Devil's Elbow, my favorite place in the whole world!) and 2 days in Ashland (his family) before driving down to San Francisco for 4 nights.

We are two foodies who love going off the beaten path for anything. Neither one of us eats pork, however. What are your favorites in these places, or along the way? Any recs for great food along the path of our trip would be greatly appreciated. I will be reading the board as well!


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  1. I think that in Portland, Paley's Place for dinner is a don't miss. I don't think you'll find a more interesting take on Pacific Norhtwest ingredients anywhere. The wine list is very good, and the service has always been great when we go.

    I'm not sure what part of the coast you're going to, but if you're heading out Highway 26 to the coast, the Nehalem River Inn is another must stop, a little off the beaten path, but not to far.

    Have fun

    1. I would reccommend Park Kitchen. I have lived in NYC for the past 5 years but recently went home for a family visit. Park Kichen blew my mind away. Great cocktails as well.

      1. I think Carlyle is right up there in the Perfect Portland Place to eat as well as Fenouil.
        Paleys is nice, very nice but reminds me a lot of a few places in Manhattan..Wildwood would be good for a nice PNW kinda place also..You actually will have too many choices..

        1. While Paley's, Carlyle, and Fenouil are all very good restaurants, I don't think any of them are especially good at using local ingredients. Paley's to some extent, Carlyle less so, and Fenouil even less.

          Park Kitchen, Wildwood, and clarklewis are all good combinations of both. Higgins is probably the most local of any restaurant, but I don't like the food quite as much as these.

          If you're in Portland on a Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, or especially a Saturday, hit a farmers market.

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            Can the Saturday Farmer's Market in Portland be made into brunch/lunch? Are there enough food items that are easy to eat right there?

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              I guess it depends on your appetite and what you like to eat, but you could easily get some bread from one of the bakeries, some cheese from the cheesemakers, some fruit, some pate, and have a wonderful light brunch. There are places to sit. There are also some food vendors, but I usually prefer the items I just mentioned. If you eat some prepared foods, I'd go for the pizza from Hot Lips or the tamales from Salvador's, perhaps. The sausages from DiCarlo have long lines, but I find them a little blah. The pitas or pizzas from Tastebud, if they're doing them, can be decent as well. Get some chocolates for dessert from Alma if they're there.

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                Thanks for the info! That sounds perfect.

          2. While perhaps not a destination for food, the microbrewpubs in Portland (and the region) would be a fun diversion.

            See thread: