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Deli Sandwiches!

Please, the age old question - - Carnegie's or Katz's. We've got family coming in and they want the "best"!

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  1. Katz's. 2nd Avenue Deli RIP.

    1. Katz's pastrami rules.

      See this possibly related thread (best Italian Hero sandwich in Manhattan) for more sandwichy goodness:


      1. Thirded on Katz's. Their pastrami is killer - my husband and I typically share one sandwich between the 2 of us! We pair it with a knish and some Dr Brown's soda and mmmmmmm. :)

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          I nearly forgot! If you eat at Katz's, tip the guy making your sandwich. He'll give you a nice slab of pastrami to nibble on while you wait for him to finish his work.

        2. I think for pastrami or corned beef, Carnegie is better.

          1. I would certainly cast my vote for Katz's.

              1. I have never been to Carnegie but u.s.a.today rated it #1 in new york

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                  Now there's a reliable source! Ok, Bonniebelle, you're going to have to decide whether to rely on the collective wisdom of the Hounds, or on the USA Today. Your choice.

                2. Bonniebelle what do you think ever been to CARNEGIE????

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                    You may wanna keep in mind, Katz is good, but they cut the meat really thick, almost "hunky". Its different then the typical "thin slice" method. But still worlds better then Carnegie in my humble opinion.....

                  2. Best steakhouses in nyc thanks