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Jul 5, 2006 06:09 PM

Tomiko - Encinitas - sushi review

Tomiko in Encinitas is a little intimidating as it’s seems to be the restaurant for the Best Western Hotel. Not that this is any indication of quality as some of the best spots we have found have been in less pleasant out of the way strip malls. We sat at a table, they have a nice view of the ocean, and if you catch it just right, you could have an incredible sunset. The menu is very large with a lot of fusion style rolls. We largely avoided these and had things we usually measure any sushi bar by. Server was great, she even gave us a free half glass of Kubota since they ran out when we ordered a second round. We weren’t wowed but will return and give it another try. Maybe get some pics as well.

Manju Kubota sake $14/glass
Hatsumago sake $13/bottle

Toro sashimi - small was $22, slight chew, a little sinewy. Kind of pricey for the quality. Maybe sushi-bar customers get a better cut?

Aji nigiri $6.50 - super fresh and sweet, would make a non-mackerel eater easily convert. Should have gone for sashimi.

Dynamite special $8 - too many onions, not the typical style we have encountered like at Matsuoka (more fish and mushrooms).

Oysters $9 - four big oysters- not sure what kind, served with ponzu , green onion, and lemon. I prefer smaller oysters like Miyagi’s or Kumamoto's.

Monkey Eye Balls $6.50 - three big mushrooms stuffed with spicy tuna and deep fried - sitting in the sauce made them a little soggy, also very big in comparison to Sushi on the Rock's "Monkey Balls" or Matsuoka's "Happy Mushroom".

Albacore Tataki - $15 – standard seared albacore served with ponzu. Compared to Sushi on the Rock's "TJ Tataki" and Matsuoka's Tataki, this was pretty plain, nothing to write home about.

Spicy Tuna roll $6 – something I always have to check out at any sushi bar. Non-descript here. Rice is well seasoned, room temp.
Better than Sushi on the Rock!

87 Encinitas Blvd
Encinitas, CA

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  1. I agree service was great! Very friendly crowd there...I went there for Happy Hour, I had not gone before, I assumed it was high end. The bar, like the rest of place had a great oceanview. Oddly the music was really eclectic and added to the evening...lots of locals, never been to a Japanese restaurant like this.

    Ended up going back on the weekend and sat at the Sushi Bar...They have two young Japanese chefs that were great fun...they're DJs at Candelas on Fridays afterhours! They do like to experiement with american-style rolls, but it was well worth it. Matsuo-san really knows how to mix his textures and sauces. We had the Matsuo roll and a special roll they made up with grilled shrimp and jalapenos. I also tried and fell in love with his Aji Sashimi! Thanks for the suggestion. I also liked the SuperWhite Tuna that was slightly seared with a subtle garlic salsa on top, melted in my mouth.

    Will be going back next time with more friends so we can try the dining menu...hopefully soon!