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Jul 5, 2006 06:01 PM

Office Move Downtown Means New Lunch Explorations - Suggestions?

Hi All,

My office will be moving from Union Square (slight wimper) to Downtown. We will be on Broad Street - near Beaver. I have no idea where to get lunch in that area.

Here is some critera:

Vicinity: From Water Street to Broadway and up to Pine St (within a 5 minute walk)

Looking for take-out places to bring our lunch back to the office, however a sit-down place or two are welcome for those lazy Friday lunches.

Lunch for under $10 (preferably more like $5-$8). If a sit down place, then the $10 to $20 range is best.

All cuisines welcome.

Would love to hear about a great sandwich place, pizza place (Adrienne's Pizza bar I'm guessing), chinese place, soup place, etc.

Please help me and my co-workers avoid the brown bag eavery day.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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  1. Broad St and Beaver - you have many good choices. There are the usual restaurant-chain suspects around, but there's a Pret a Manger outlet on Broad St, and I find their stuff to be a cut above usual chain fare.

    Adrienne's Pizza Bar on Stone St is a great recommendation; here's a hint, though... go early or late, because at peak lunch hour it is impossibly crowded. It's also expensive.

    Financier Pastry Shop (also on Stone St) is great for coffee and baked goods.

    Great soup place: Cafe Doppio, in the 55 Broad St building, has at least half a dozen homemade soups to choose from every day; you can get a large soup and salad or sandwich for about $10 and it will all be fresh, homemade and tasty (and you'll get a free piece of fruit to go with it.)

    Alfanoose on Maiden Lane near Broadway has great Middle Eastern fare (Syrian/Lebanese style.)

    Seh Ja Meh on John St between Nassau and Broadway is decent, inexpensive Korean bibimbop.

    Finally, the Irish Punt on Exchange Place between William and Broad Streets has mediocre food, but is a great place for a liquid lunch or after-work drinks if you're so inclined.

    - er, used to work at 55 Broad St

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      Sadly, I am likely also leaving current office nabe (Flatiron) to head to Beaver and Broad. Thanks for the recommendations.