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Jul 5, 2006 05:48 PM

rescue the pear brandy ...

... received as a random corporate gift. I'm baffled. There's no recipes attached to the bottle. Any suggestions good enough to make me *not* throw it out? Summer seems like a good time to try this.

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  1. What's wrong with sipping it from a glass straight or on the rocks?

    In any case, even if you don't get better responses here, throwing it out seems a little drastic. Though I admit liquor bottles are the best source for recipes around, I just Googled

    "pear brandy" recipe

    and on the first page of results, I see a champagne cocktail, a dessert, a sauce and a lovely-sounding way to prepare duck or foie gras.

    The second page has a chicken recipe, a torte, two bread puddings, and a home-canning project for pear-brandy butter, which sounds a lot tastier than supermarket apple butter. Further down in the results, I see another souffle, a soup, sorbet... ;)

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    1. re: hatless

      thanks Hatless, you're right, i should have been a little more specific with my post! I'm specifically thinking about cocktail recipes here.
      I hadn't even thought of drinking the stuff straight, imagining it to be cloyingly sweet (like pears), but it turns out the distillers recommend that I do exactly that:
      They also have a recipe for a cocktail involving ginger syrup and vodka. Not sure why this didn't turn up on my first google search anyway ... my bad!

      1. re: mstrimel

        No, it ain't sweet. It's what we call "firewater" in my house and depending on what kind you have, so, so good.

        1. re: mstrimel

          Clear Creek is a great distillery. You definately want to sip this straight from snifter like any fine brandy.

      2. Serve it straight-up, with black coffee, after a nice summer supper.

        If it's good pear brandy, this will be delightful.

        1. What brand is it?

          If it's a real, high quality pear brandy it should be drunk like a brandy straight up in a snifter. It won't be sweet.

          If it's a pear liqueur it will be sweet and should be drunk straight up or over 1-2 ice cubes as an after dinner cordial.

          If it's a cheap pear liqueur then go for using it in cocktails. Basically any recipe that calls for a fruit liqueur could be used since cheap pear liqueur usually has little pronounced pear flavor.

          1. I was at a restaurant last night where they served pear brandy at another table. They served it an a snifter and made a big to-do about the pear in the bottle. I may have to email them about the bread pudding, though.

            1. I love this stuff. Highly recommend that you throw the bottle in the freezer and serve it straight up. It's terrific after dinner on a warm night.