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Jul 5, 2006 05:26 PM


My husband and I are visiting NYC this weekend through Monday night. I remember reading a NYTimes article a while back about chaat houses in NYC...I would love to try one, since it's not something I'm going to find in Ohio. Recs for lunch or Monday dinner are good.


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  1. Sukhadia's on 45th between 5th and 6th Avenues. Try the samosa chat.

    1. dimple on 30th (i think btw 5th and broadway) has quite a few, and they are very good. the restaurant is all vegetarian, quite inexpensive, but not much to look at.

      1. Bombay Talkie serves chaat. It is also more upscale.

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          Bombay Talkie is good if you also want to experience a trendy NY scene with fancy cocktails. But, foodwise, Dimple & Sukhadia are superior. I like Dimple a little better & particularly recommend an item that looks like leaves rolled in a pinwheel shape stuffed with sesame (I can never remember what they're called - but I love them!) The samosa chaat is good there too.

        2. Sukhadia is a good bet. I've been meaning to try Bombay Talkie, but I also bristle at paying upscale prices for Indian street food.

          Here's what I wrote about Sukhadia's on my blog:

          On a tip from a vegetarian friend I started getting takeout lunch from Sukhadia's, a multi-regional Indian vegetarian buffet on 45th Street just west of 5th Avenue. The food is generally well prepared and less oily than most Indian food in New York. Dishes, which vary day by day, range from good to spectacular, with standouts being Thursday’s spicy Hyderabadi baigan (eggplant), some of the best channa masala I've had in NYC, khaman dhokla (those wonderfully spongy, yellow Gujarati cakes made from steamed chick pea flour), and excellent chaat (cold crisps with yogurt & tamarind sauce). The bhindi (okra) and saag paneer are pretty good too. One of the more interesting things, which I haven't tried elsewhere is patra (taro leaves stuffed with channa flour & spices). For takeout they charge $4.95 per pound; the eat-in buffet is $10.95. After four visits, I’d say that the best combination of dishes is offered on Thursdays.

          And another post about Indian food: