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Jul 5, 2006 05:23 PM

Seattle Chowhound looking to Vancouver for what she can't get in Seattle

I'm an avid Chowhound in Seattle heading up to Vancouver soon for the weekend. I'm quite active in the Seattle food scene and would like to eat food that I can't at home.


West--Don't know much about it, but it's certainly talked about on this board. Is it unique, or another (fantastic) place with wine/food pairings? Different than Seattle?

Vij's--I've eaten there once before and it was amazing. Definitely a high contender.

A dim sum/Chinese place?

Bin 941/942--Sounds intriguing

Kalamata Greek Taverna--No good Greek in Seattle to speak of. Other suggestions?

Please help me out with recommendations! I don't know much, so any suggestions are great.


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  1. Enthusiastic thumbs up for Bin942. Fun place, and very interesting, delicious food.

    Also, this isn't a restaurant recommendation, but the covered market on Granville Island is a great place to wander around. Tons of fresh produce, and gourmet food vendors too.

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      I definitely agree with Granville Island. Don't forget to try some BC wines as well (available on the Island); I like Sumac Ridge.

    2. Granville Island is definately lovely but similar in many ways to Pike Place Market.
      There are a number of really good Greek places on the West Side of Vancouver (along Broadway & West 4th Ave).
      I'd recommend Ouzeri (on Broadway) and Sympatico (on 4th)

      1. i'd say for different you'd have try one of the quickly sprouting up izakaya style japanese places, hapa, guu, 1215 etc...

        1. For sure try a Japanese Izakaya - so much fun!!! First choice would be Guu with Garlic at the bottom of Robson (near bidwell) Guu has another 2 location that are always good. There is also Gyoza King and Zakkushi. Not only is the atmosohere good at Guu, but the food is outstanding!!!

          1. You might want to check out the Richmond Night Market or the Chinatown night market if you're in Vancouver on a weekend.