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Jul 5, 2006 05:10 PM

Take-out Pizza -- UWS

What's the best pizza for delivery on the Upper West Side? (I live in the upper 80s.)

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  1. i think garlic bob's fresh mozz is the best pie in the hood and they deliver

    1. Freddy & Peppers on Amsterdam btwn 74th-75th has a great selection of pizzas, including whole wheat crusts.

      1. Thanks. I've never been crazy about Garlic Bob's crust.

        1. I like Vinnie's slices, though I've never done their delivery. They also have other Italian options that are decent (with large potions) for casual, low-priced eats.

          Don't like Freddy and Peppers at all if that's the place downstairs on the east side of the street. They use too many canned materials for some of the toppings, and I've had stale pizza there. That said, I've never tried the whole wheat crusts so maybe that's where it's at.

          Amsterdam, Btwn 73rd & 74th St

          1. Does Sal & Carmine's deliver? I used to like the place years ago; are they still good?