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Jul 5, 2006 05:06 PM

Where to eat tonight, LES, East Village or West Village for around $40 a person

Looking for a great place. We are both foodies and would like some good food in a fun atmosphere without breaking the bank.

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  1. try Le Tableau's $45 tasting menu.

    1. alias (clinton & stanton) - lots of local/organic ingredients
      mermaid inn (2nd ave & 6th) - seafood
      uovo (ave b & 11th) - italian

      le tableau's sister restaurant, lavagna (italian as opposed to french-influenced), is also very good.

      1. I also like Pylos, 7th St. near Av. A, which would cost around $30-40/person.

        So where did you end up at, and how was it?

        1. we actually ended up going to 'inoteca.
          I had intended on going to Alias, but we got there around 730 and it was totally empty. Something about empty restaurants just bothers me. I know its bad, but we wanted a little more fun atmostphere.
          So 'inoteca was good, we shared a bunch of things, the bruchetta, the arugala salad, the eggplant lasagna and the pork chop with grill raddicio. Everything was good to very good. It's a great place to catch up with a friend over a bottle wine and some light food.
          I would say though that they have a massive wine list, and I don't know that much about Italiann wines, so a little help from the waitress would have been appreciated, and she lended no help when selecting a bottle.

          1. 40.00 including tip?

            List of my Favorites:

            Kuma Inn: average small plates about $6-$8 about 3 per person and 6 to share for 2 with some maybe $10 per for drinks.

            Tides Seafood: Average entree about $22, appetizers $9, wine $9-$10, great seafood awesome design and ambiance.

            Inoteca: Average food $11 - 13, drinks $9-$14, small portions pretty much nibbling food.

            Alias: Average food $16-$22, drinks $7-$10

            Le Tableau: $45 tasting menus is great, not including wine though and you will still be hungry.