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Jul 5, 2006 05:00 PM

Great restaurant in the Meatpacking district

I hate to be redundant, but is Del Posto really good. Our son is coming from LA and wants to treat us to a wonderful place. He is staying at the Soho House and I thought that it would be a good idea as it is in the neighborhood.

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  1. restaurant in the soho house is a good choice

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    1. re: intrepid

      Also, since Soho House is a trendy private club, if you havent been there yet, you should at least take the opportunity to have a drink there.

      1. re: bonniebelle

        I have not heard anything bad regarding Del Posto, but most of the people I have spoken with prefer Babbo.

        I would also look into Cru, Veritas, and 11 Madison Park.

      2. For really good Italian food and steak as well, Valbella is a good choice. It is the same Valbella as the one in Conn.