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Jul 5, 2006 04:44 PM

Eating Between Boston and Pittsburgh

My girlfriend and I will be moving to Pittsburgh from the Boston area early this August. We are driving a moving truck the whole way, and I am interested in suggestions about where we should stop to eat. I suppose we'll be taking I-84 to I-80.

We are willing to go slightly out of our way for some great chow. Thanks!

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  1. not sure when you were leaving...but if this is not too late there is a great deli outside of Hartford in Vernon, Ct. called Rein's. We don't eat meat but do eat fish, there is plenty for everyone and anyone. the food is good as are the prices and it's just a fun place. also a good choice to grab some stuff to go for next leg of trip! enjoy the 'Burgh, you'll like it. check with me for Pgh food ideas. Speaking of going out of the way, my sister i law in Lexington can't believe we actually go into Boston just to go to North End to eat and food shop. I'd like to be dropped off there for a week

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      Good timing; we leave tomorrow. Thanks for the rec! We had heard of Rein's and were trying to remmeber its name and location. We'll definitely stop by.

      Looking forward to learning about Pgh!

    2. let me know your preferred cuisines and I'll do my best to hook you up. what part of Pgh will you be locating?