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Jul 5, 2006 04:23 PM

Out to Dinner in Vegas on a Saturday Night with 12 week old

Going to Vegas to visit my best friend in the world who just had a baby. My husband and I (who are childless) realize that this is a "look at the baby, play with the baby" weekend, but want to suggest that the four of us go out to dinner on Saturday night. We are NYC chowhounders and are looking for an early saturday night reso in Vegas for yummy food, good atmosphere where other diners won't mind a sleeping infant in a carry seat next to the table.


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  1. It would help to know roughly where your friends live. I would suggest a good restaurant in their neighborhood, rather than taking the baby to the strip on a saturday night, even an early saturday night (unless your friends really want to go). I just don't think anyone would really enjoy it too much. On the other hand, neighborhood dining in LV has improved a whole lot, and there are some good restaurants in both Summerlin (to the Northwest) and Green Valley (to the southeast) that would be great and where a baby in a carrier would be quite welcome. But your friends may want to stay pretty close to their own ''s a pretty solid drive between various parts of LV. So if you have an idea where they live, it would be easier to suggest places.

    1. They live in Henderson.

      1. That helps! By the way, if they live in Henderson, get them to take you to the new Whole Foods that just opened up on Green Valley's terrific. (terribly expensive, but nice). Here are some suggestions:
        if they and you like sushi, Koto on Eastern Avenue is a small mom and pop store front, but excellent sushi and other Japanese dishes (including cooked dishes). Very family friendly.
        Todd's Unique on Sunset in Henderson is a sort of eclectic place with a wide variety of appetizers and has a bit of an asian influence, but I definitely wouldn't describe it as fusion. Decent wine list and good service; entrees range from about 15 to about 25 or 30 dollars; the salads and soups are really tasty. Again, although it's not an inexpensive place, it's very baby friendly.
        If your friends are up for a bit of a drive, you might consider heading out to Lake Las Vegas, where Hubert Keller (thomas' brother) has just opened a new bistro/brasserie type of place...I haven't eaten there, which makes me hesitate, however, the menu is very traditional french, and there is a very nice outside area over looking the lake (this could be not a great idea if it is terribly hot). The restaurant is called Bistro Zinc.
        Near Henderson, but in Las Vegas on Warm Springs Road, is a place called Table 34, which is also sort of eclectic american food, and is generally good, but I think Todd's is better for somewhat similar food.
        For Italian, there is a good place on Eastern Avenue (which is a big restaurant row, but unfortunately many of them are chains) called Gaetano's, which has an interesting menu. There is also a restaurant in Henderson called Ventano's, which has a great view and outdoor seating, but which I think has kind of gone downhill. It has pretty traditional italian.
        If you are looking for very casual, a really terrific Neapolitan pizza place has opened up in Henderson called Settebello; it features thin crust wood fired pizzas made in a very authentic way(they import ingredients and the chef from Italy). But it is a very low key, casual place.
        If there is a particular type of food you are interested in, don't hesitate to ask.....

        1. I generally agree with lvnflyr comments, but let me give you another perspective on Henderson dining scene. One of the best restaurants in LV area is Todd's Unique in Henderson, I prefer it over Rosemary's, but it is more casual so I am sure they will happily accept a foursome with a baby. Todd does a wonderful job on seafood and everything is so fresh. I have not tried Hubert Keller's new restaurant, but his brother Joseph's runs Como's which was very disappointing. Very much more affordable and casual is the Ambiance Bistro on Sunset Road in Henderson. Table 34, formerly the Wild Sage, was overpriced and underwheling when we recently visted. I disagree that Ventano's has declined, but like beauty it is in the eyes (taste buds) of the beholder. Viaggio is another Italian restaurant in Henderson that will not disappoint. Settebello was very disappointing based on my one and only experience if you know what the best that Wooster STreet or NY pizza is all about.