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Jul 5, 2006 04:23 PM

Las Vegas Dinner Rec. after Cirque show at the Mirage

We are staying at the Mirage 1 night for my wifes birthday. Great food rec. after 7:30 pm show

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  1. If you want great steaks and a beautiful atmosphere, try PRIME at The Bellagio.

    ALEX at the Wynn is probably the bets restaurant on the strip. It is expensive but will be one of the best meals you will ever have.

    I am also very partial to COMMANDER'S PALACE, terrific service, terrific food, also one of the best restaurants on the strip.

    I recently ate at all three, and think each is one of the best restaurants in the country.

    For a slightly more casual and hip place, FIX at The Bellagio is also terrific.

    1. If your show starts at 7:30, it probably ends around 9. That's a little late for full enjoyment of the top places, where a good meal can take three hours. As a result, I'd skip Joel Robuchon at The Mansion, Guy Savoy, Alex, and the like.

      I agree with Tom P's recommendations as to Commander's Palace and FIX.

      1. At that time you should head directly over to the Paris and eat @ Mon Ami Gabi. Sure there are better places in LV but it is close, the food is VERY good (some dishes are downright delicious) and at that time of the evening a table outside watching the Bellagio fountains and the freak-show atmosphere on the sidewalks is VERY entertaining!!! I personally think the manila clams are outstanding and the Hangar steak (steak onglet) topped w/bleu cheese and onions sided by steak frites is DELICIOUS!!!