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Jul 5, 2006 04:21 PM

BLT Prime or David Burke & Donatella?

I need help choosing between the two for a Friday evening. I have never been to either and have heard great things about both. My concern is the noise level @ BLT Prime and location of DB&D. I really need a great meal, impressive surroundings and great service.
Any and all thoughts are welcome, thank you!

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  1. got to David Burke very impressive

    1. Both are great, but I would give the slight advantage to the overall at Davidburke.

      1. With out a doubt David Burke and Donnatella. The main dining room in the back is beautiful. The front rooms more casual.

        1. Been to both & had a better time/meal at David Burke & Donatella by far. The noise level at BLT Prime was over the top so it it interesting that you mention it. The menu at DBD is great-can't go wrong w/any of the dishes and the room is very impressive-I sat at a corner booth for 4 w/a birds eye view of the room. Enjoy.