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Jul 5, 2006 04:09 PM

Best tamales in Santa Ana?

any one know where I can find the best tamales in santa ana or the very near by vicinity? staying for a few weeks in Huntington Beach and need some good tamales for breakfasts.

I always go to El Gallo Giro, which does some good tamales. However, when I went there the other day, the tamales just weren't as good as I remembered. Maybe there is a good panaderia that sells them?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. I thought someone gave a favorable word about the place on Redhill and El Camino Real in Tustin next to Seoul Garden and Dosa Place. Its a small mexican market that sells them. Never tried them myself so I cant comment.

    1. I love the tamales at the place on Redhill and El Camino. Sorry, I can't remember the name, but its a carniceria hole in the wall. El Gallo Giro has horrible tamales. All masa and no filling.

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      1. re: MzMaggie

        yeah. it didn't used to be that way (I hadn't had them in a few years), but the ones I bought the other day certainly were. Too bad. thanks for the nod to this place. I'll check it out...

        1. re: MzMaggie

          just so you know, the carniceria at redhill and el camino real only sells tamales on saturday and sunday... learned that one the hard way yesterday...

        2. el toro market in santa ana has great tamales..... tamale queen is great too. both are on first street