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Jul 5, 2006 04:08 PM

going in a month with two teenage daughters, suggestions please

Thanks in advance for your help. My wife and I lived in NYC in the early 90's (EV), going back with our daughters (12,16) for a week in early August.

Would like some suggestions to complete our chowhound tour. Budget not real important, our kids are adventurous and enjoy different types of cuisine and can handle some heat.

Will be staying at The Kimberly (50th & 3rd.)

Our plans so far include:

Katz's for pastramis
Probably Carnegie for the experience and decent deli (can't get anything passable here in South Texas)

Will meet my brother and his kids on Saturday, probably do Chinese (thinking of Wu Liang Ye, Grand Sechuan and New Green Bo, will probably do Chinese at least once more.)

Pizza- ?John's on Bleecker

Italian- ? Po tasting menu
? Lupa or Babbo - need rec's here

? Thai- I'd like to go out to Sripipai? spelling but not sure if we all want to schlep out there.

? Sushi- don't feel it warrants spending big bucks on the kids at a top place like Yasuda, open for suggestions. Maybe Le Miu?

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. although i've only been to babbo once, based on that experience i'd choose lupa. the food seems to be stronger across the board, it isn't as pricey, and i think that the atmosphere is more comfortable. it's also easier to get reservations.
    i haven't tried le miu, but a friend who is a total sushi freak/snob had a business dinner there a few weeks ago and raved about it. esashi, down the road at ave a and 2nd, and takahachi, just a few doors down on a between 5th & 6th, are two other local places that i like quite a bit. both are cheaper than le miu, though le miu seems pretty reasonable (especially if the quality is as high as my friend claims).

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      Le Miu is good, but not top of the line. They are a budget alternative to the Nobu style, new style sushi with various sauces and garnishes. I recommend the $45 prix fixe (the $65 one is not appreciably better, so don't waste your cash.) The ambience is casual.
      I'm not a fan of either Esashi or Takahachi, so my alternative recommendation is Ushi Wakamaru (for traditional high quality sushi though pricier) or Cube63 (also new style).

      As for your other choices:
      Katz's over Carnegie (Carnegie has had some iffy reports lately), you might hit Sarge's instead at 3rd & 37th
      Lupa over Babbo (especially with kids) but Otto might even be better with kids (Batali pizza and pasta)
      John's pizza is a good choice, though I prefer Lombardi's
      Sripraphai is worth the subway ride (it's just off the subway entrance)
      For breakfast, your hotel is right next to Ess-A-Bagel -- gorge while you can!

    2. Thanks-
      I have a reservation at Po for Friday night, I think we'll do the tasting menu.
      Saturday will be going to New Green Bo with my brother and his kids and then for ice cream across the street.
      Le Miu sounds like an interesting menu in a fun neighborhood to walk around in.
      Appreciate other rec's

      1. Sripraphai is excellent but most definitely a little trip (only 10 minutes over 59th St Bridge.)

        Great Thai on 3rd Ave (28th) Jai of the best in NYC
        Also, if you want to travel a little and show the teenagers a real NY experience...go to Sea Thai in Williamsburg around 9:00 on THurs or Fri for wow people/food experience...and you will not believe how inexpensive it is..

        1. Ess-a-bagel is definitely part of the plan. I used to live near the one on First and went at least once a week. One of the reasons for booking a hotel with a kitchen was to take advantage of Ess-a for breakfast.

          Given how much we love Thai food, I think a visit to Sripraphai is in order. Any idea how much a car service or taxi would cost? I'm up for the subway, but my wife is a bit of a primmadona. She has no problem using it when the traffic dictates, but may prefer a car back in the evening. Anyone have directions from 50th and 3rd via subway?

          Haven't seen much on Jai Ya on this board, I'll do a search. The general consensus seems to be that there's nothing even approaching Sripraphai in Manhattan.

          thanks for all of your help, we're really looking forward to returning to NYC.

          We'll probably go to both Katz' and Carnegie, I'm a sucker for Carnegie's pastrami with melted swiss. Anything will be better than the deli available here.

          I think I'll make a res at Lupa.

          Anyone else want to weigh in with Sushi suggestions? The kids (and wife) mostly like tuna, california rolls, eel. Not too much into the exotic things.

          I have a lot of fond memories of John's on Bleeker from the old days, so I think we'll go, even if it's not the best at the moment, it's worlds ahead of anything here in San Antonio.

          1. After spending roughly 2/3 of my life in SA I understand your pizza problems.

            For Sushi Shimizu in the Washington Jefferson Hotel is usually real good.