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Jul 5, 2006 04:02 PM

any places to have lunch for $4 in Union Square?

Hey I'm a student and working part-time in Union Square for the summer, where are some places that I can grab a bite for $4-$5 thats a good and filling lunch? Thanks!

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  1. Under $4 is going to be tough... in Union Square, Rainbow Falafel will probably be your only bet.

    Now if you are willing to walk East a little, your choices expand. If you've ever been to In N Out Burger, then you'll love Blue 9 Burger, and if you like Dumplings, you can get out of Vanessa's Dumplings for under $4 too.

    Rainbow Falafel: 17th Just West of Broadway
    Blue 9 Burger: 3 Avenue between 12th & 13th St.
    Vanessa's Dumplings: 14th St. btw 3rd & 2nd Ave.

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    1. try rainbow falafel on 17th and union sq. west. i always see a line at that place and i think it's fairly reasonable.

      1. rainbow falafel, yes. but pita pocket is even cheaper, and it's actually good. on 12th street at the corner of university.

        1. That price range is gonna be tough in Union Square, but here are a couple ideas on the square and north.

          1) Rainbow Falafel - falafel sandwich is about $4. This place isn't as good as it used to be, but still decent. May not qualify as filling.

          2) The Burger Joint on 3rd and 20th - 2 oz burgers are $1.25. 3 make a filling meal.

          3) Maffei's at 6th and 22nd - hot italian food. Ask for 2 or 3 items and a platter is about $6, but it is enough for 2 lunches. We weighed one on the postal scale back at the office and it came out to just under 2 pounds of food.

          4) find a decent halal cart - There is one on 5th at about 18th street. I don't know if it is good, but there has to be one nearby.

          5) FoodWorks on 19th, just west of 5th serves a big vegetable udon for $4.95. It's filling, healthy and decent. Nothing else here is cheap or all that good.

          1. you could go to the salad-bar/steam-tables at Whole Foods, then eat your salad upstairs or in the park...that said, you'd have to make it a medium-sized salad at most, as you might crest the 6 or 7 dollar mark if you add a lot of items...