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Jul 5, 2006 03:27 PM

mid-priced, walking/ short cab distance to Inner Harbor

I'll be stuck at a conference in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore (Marriott Waterfront) this coming weekend, but have read enough on this board to know that I won't find a decent meal there. I'm planning to go out with a group of about 4-6 people -- where might you recommend for a place that either has a nice walk, or a short cab ride (or water taxi, I guess) and either takes reservations or a wait on a Friday night this weekend won't be too brutal?

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the Marriott Waterfront is in Inner Harbor East, not the Inner Harbor proper. This puts you in much easier striking distance to Fells Point and Little Italy (and right in the neighborhood of Charleston if you're looking to spend a lot of money).

    1. You're on the east side of the harbor and in luck. Charleston, Pazo, Black Olive, Kali's Court Meze, Peter's and Henninger's are all in walking distance. The first 2 are particularly close to you. What kind of cuisine are you looking for? What's your price point?
      BTW, if you walk straight out of your hotel towards Whole Foods, you will see a Mexican joint that looks like a chain but isn't (Taco Fiesta?) and has nice Baja style fish tacos among other things if you're looking for a quick, good, cheap lunch.

      1. Well that is good news all around -- thanks to both replies. Never having been to Baltimore before, and having looked at the diatribes against "Inner Harbor" dining, I was afraid I was in for it. I'd say price point is $20 entrees.

        I'm going to Pazo the night before, for a dinner set up by someone who lives locally. So Pazo would be a good anchor on which to hang any further recommendations. And walking distance is definitely preferable -- it doesn't seem like it'll be too terribly hot this weekend (though I live in Florida, so anything below 80% humidity this time of year seems positively balmy).

        And thanks for the lunch recommendation. If there are any others as well, I'd love to hear them as I'll need to take care of that meal for a few days, too.

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          Right next to Taco Fiesta--as recommended by ko above, and I second; I like the beef tacos but not the pork (too sweet)--is Chiu's sushi. Americanized; i.e., it is not NYC sashimi perfection, but it has quite excellent and inventive maki (rolls).

          Stay away from Little Italy and Victor's (shudder).

        2. Your price point rules out Black Olive and Charleston. It's doable at the others.

          1. It sounds like you are staying in the same hotel as a previous poster. Check out the "Baltimore 3 nights" thread. I posted some lunch options there.


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