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cupcake feedback

I'll be doing some cupcake tastings in a few week to decide on a vendor for a wedding next year. Here are the spots that my wedding coordinator has recommended - any that you think we should not bother with or that are missing?

Love at First Bite
The Cupcake Fairy
Karas Cupcakes
Miette Cakes
Sibbys Cupcakery (low priority bc it's in the peninsula)


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    1. Sweet Things has some pretty tasty cupcakes. They're in Tiburon and also inside Cal Mart in Laurel Village.

      1. I'm a fan of the Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville's Bay Street shopping center. The best I've tasted in the Bay Area so far. The cake has always been moist and the frosting just the right amount of sweet.


        1. Ditto on DeLessio, especially for more creative flavors.

          Don't overlook the Teacake Bakeshop in Emeryville, my current favorite with moist crumbly cake and very sweet buttercream frosting.

          1. Love at first bite isn't too bad. They taste alright as far as cupcakes go. I had the maltball & the banana one. They're moist and the decorations are somewhat plain.
            I mean if you're looking for something that looks great than go to Miette's but the taste is just not really there.

            I haven't been to Sweet Adeline in awhile but you might ask if she does cupcakes. I've never had anything bad there.

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              I agree with sugarbuzz, Miette's cupcakes are pretty, but fall short in the flavor department.

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                Wow, I so disagree. I am not a big fan of Miette, but love their cupcakes. The ginger is actually too gingery for me. I prefer the chocolate with the meringue-y topping. Really, it's worth trying at least one of theirs to make your decision, because I am damn picky about cupcakes and love Miette's. They cost too much, though.

                And I actually didn't like the cupcakes at Love At First Bite. They were too insubstantial to support their high price. The peanut butter cupcake was downright ghastly.

              2. I'd add La Farine to the list.


                1. I just had a couple from Bakesale Bettys. They were very simple and very good. I prefer simple cupcakes over the fancy, complex ones, but for a wedding you may want something on the fancy end of the spectrum. You might also check into Katrina Roselle in Oakland. They do a lot of wedding cakes and could probably do cupcakes.

                  I love cupcakes because I love cake that simply moist cake with a little frosting. Most cakes these days are too fancy with all kinds of flavors and creamy stuff inside. The cupcake is the perfect portion too.

                  Great idea for a wedding! But I would probably go with a vendor who is used to doing cupcakes for large events like weddings.

                  Please report back and let us know how your tasting turned out.

                  1. Def. check out DeLessio- great looking cupcakes with innovative flavors...and delicious!

                    1. I Love Chocolate on Arguello has excellent cupcakes, chocolate ones, natch.

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                        I Love Chocolate is no longer there; it is now Blissful Bites. I haven't tried their cupcakes, but their cookies and pastries are pretty good.

                      2. My daughter wanted carrot cupcakes for her wedding last Saturday. We settled on those from Love at First Bite. The cupcakes were delicious--light texture, inteesting spicy (not hot spicy) flavor, and very realistic marzipan carrot on top of cream cheese frosting. The cup cakes were delivered exactly on time (in Oakland) and arranged for us. I recommend those folks highly.

                        1. There are so many great cupcake vendors in the bay area, that I don't want to add to your already great list. I haven't tried the others (I've heard of some of them through Daily Candy), but I agree with some of the other comments that Miette Cakes is lacking in the flavor department, but the cupcakes are quaint and refined and beautifully presented. I also love that they use organic ingredients.
                          Sibbys Cupcakery are DELICIOUS! don't discount them because they're on the penninsula! I've tried them and they're great, so I wouldn't look any further.

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                            FYI, Sibby's delivers to San Francisco for $25, too. She may also be persuaded to deliver to more outlying areas (Napa? Sonoma?) for an additional fee.

                          2. Thanks for all the information. I'll be doing the tastings during my trip to SF next week and will definitely post my reviews.

                            1. I have to agree with david kaplan and say don't overlook Teacake Bake Shop. They're really helpful and their cupcakes definatley have the best flavor. I would also suggest Citizen Cake, their cupcakes are a bit on the small side but the flavor is really good. I wasn't too impressed with Love At First Bite but they do have a loyal following that may say differently. And Miette is REALLY cute I have to say but the flavor just isn't there.

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                                I don't know if it was just an off day or what, but the cupcake I had at Citizen Cupcake was pretty bad. The frosting had a crust on it, was fairly granular, and the cake itself was dry. It also lacked any real flavor intensity. It was just the plain old chocolate one. Anyone have a different experience there? I was pretty dissapointed, since it is so cute and pleasant up there, I had high hopes.

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                                  Here's an old report about someone who shared your opinion on a chocolate cupcake


                                  There have been positive reports about the lemon cupcake ...

                                  "The Meyer Lemon cupcake is pure lemony richness that hits you with a zing! Shining bright yellow and dressed beautifully in its ribbony icing"



                                  I haven't tried that yet, but I had the vanilla. It had pretty little white choolate shavings that looked like straws in the vamila icing. I really liked the cake, the frosting was a little more whipped and lite than I like it.

                                  I bought it at the end of the day and it didn't taste stale. Given the inconsistant reporrs on Citizen Cake's cupcakes, they might not be a good choice for an event.

                                  My vanilla cupcake was good, but not amazingly good.

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                                    Interesting reports. I think I'm going to have to give them another shot. I saw one with rose buttercream the other day and it did sound appealing (I still go there for the lattes served in bowls ;))

                              2. Popular topic, this one. I'm not a cupcake fan but had some from Sibby's on a couple of occasions, and they were insanely good. They may be further afield, but if you want the best for your big event, give them a try.