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Jul 5, 2006 03:11 PM

Canard Rouge on rue Rachel E. Been there?

Anyone here been to Canard Rouge on Rachel Est? It's some kind of budget-priced Chilean place that serves empanadas and sandwiches, etc. I can't find much info online about it.

Is the food good? What's the atmosphere like? Recommended?

(Alternatively, any good recoms for a budget-priced nosh for four along Rachel, not far from Parc Lafontaine?)


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  1. Along Rachel you can have poutine at La Banquise (the Elvis is quite nice with sauteed green pepper and ground beef added), or some very nice inexpensive pizzas and pasta at Maison des Pates Fraiches, or excellent hamburgers at L'Anecdote. And more but those are my favourites. And a block away on Duluth there are more options, many of them byob. Very nice empanadas at the La Bouchee du Pain on Duluth for takeout and a new ice cream shop next door.

    1. Hey, thanks Plateaumaman! I'm pretty familiar with most of those places (hey, I used to live around there...) I suppose I was hoping to hear about something new.

      I'm not a big poutine eater, so I've never been to La Banquise. But that Elvis sounds pretty wild, which is to say, appealing! Might just check it out soon.

      Still hoping to hear about the Canard Rouge.

      1. are you certain you are not talking about the "Poisson Rouge" ( also on Rachel est )

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          Canard Rouge, 2150 Rachel East (corner de Lormier)

          Le Poisson Rouge, 1201 Rachel East (corner de la Roche

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            I'll be damn !!! Rachel Street People have a Rouge fetichism !!! :-)

        2. There's a Chilean place on Rachel that is very close to St-Laurent, not especially close to Parc La Fontaine. Closer to Patati Patata.

          The newest thing on Rachel near Parc La Fontaine is a shop specializing in only mushrooms. Not a restaurant but you can pick up a jar of truffles!

          1. In the interests of chowish research (I'm also cycling a lot these days for health purposes) I cycled pas Le Canard Rouge, which is located at the corner of Rachel and rue des Érables, one block east of de Lorimier. Went in to pick up a business card and check the place out. Some people (all men, middle-aged) were enjoying a beer on the little terrasse outside.

            It really has that Southern European workingmen's club atmosphere easily transported to the southern tip of South America (though most welcoming to me as a woman, and there was the teenaged daughter of a patron there). Bar patrons can eat at, a few tables inside. Good review from Sara Musgrave on the door. Images of Allende and Neruda inside. Menu plain Southern Cone food - fish, meat, empanadas etc. I doubt it is the height of any gastronomy, but it looks like good, simple homemade food, and the management was very welcoming. Would certainly go there.

            Mains were all less than $15. Also has sangria. Très sympa. Though, I repeat, not a place I'd go in hopes of any gastronomic discovery - just decent food and a homey while faraway atmosphere at prices barely more than fast-food crap.

            2150, rue Rachel E corner De Lorimier/ Des Érables
            Montreal, Québec H2H 1R1
            Le Plateau
            Tel.: 514.529.8686