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Jul 5, 2006 03:04 PM

Best Chinese Buffet in New England?

What are your thoughts? I recently enjoyed the East Manor in Saugus (you know, the place on the huge hill on Route 1). It is absolutely beautiful inside, and featured a lot of food you wouldn't normally find at the average buffet (frog legs and chicken feet, to name a few). Everything was tasty.

On the downside, it was a little pricy (I don't remember exactly, I think somehwere around $24 a person), they have a time limit, and the waitstaff is useless and bordering on rude.

What are your favorite Chinese Buffets? I'd appreciate any info on prices and selection.

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  1. Hudson Super Buffet- Hudson.
    Go for the dinner buffet any night. Crab legs, sushi, oysters on the 1/2 shell, all your normal chinese stuff, many salmon and whole fish dishes, peel and eat shrimp. Even frog legs sometimes. If you like seafood its a must. Everything is hot and fresh. Forget the price but its cheap.

    Bamboo- Westford
    Sunday nights only. A bit fancier place,smaller buffet but great food. Ginger lobster, sushi, some dimsum items. A bit pricier then most place but hey you get lobster!

    Tin Tin - Brighton
    Have not been in a few years but it used to be good and great value for your money.

    Lotus Flower- Framingham
    Nice smaller buffet, high quality.

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    1. re: hargau

      I went to Tin Tin about five years ago and thought it was pretty weak but the selection was decently large I guess. And soft serve ice cream at a Chinese buffet just seems weird.

      1. re: Dax

        Like I said its been years since I went to that one and it was pretty decent from what I remember. Actually some of the better items were the non-chinese things which usually i never touch at these type of places. Mashed potatoes and fried chicken are really good there oddly enough.

        As for the softserve. Most chinese buffets I have been to have some sort of ice cream. Many soft serve. I prefer the ones with hard ice cream. Both HSB and Bamboo have hard ice cream. I especially love the ginger ice cream. HSB also has good coconut ice cream often.

        My current favorite is bamboo. I cant get enough of the ginger lobster and they have great salt/peper shrimp on the buffet as well as several dimsum type dumplings.

    2. Went to Hudson Super Buffet Monday night and it was a little hard to figure out. Some of the items were slightly cold, the duck sauce tasted like the kind you get in packets and many of the dishes were La Choy quality. But a few of the dishes were superb. Item for item, there are better places, but HSB's best items were as good as any buffet, and the price ($11.95 for Monday, not sure about other days) was a steal. With those caveats, I'd recommend at least checking it out.

      I prefer Bamboo. I've been to the one in Dedham. This is probably the healthiest buffet, with lots of vegetarian and lower fat options. Good mix of old school, new school, appetizers, entrees. Quality is very good The sushi there seems to be not just the obligatory variety, but something they take seriously.

      1. No doubt bamboo is higher quality but it is also at least 2x the price and only available one night per week.

        Sounds like Monday night at HSB wasnt very busy? When I have been its typically a weekend night and there is a wait, place packed. So nothing is ever cold as it isnt out there long enough. Cant comment on the duck sauce as I dont use the stuff.

        I mostly focus on the seafood dishes when I go to either.

        1. I like the buffet at China Blossom in North Andover. They have everything you could imagine, including crab legs, which is a favorite among people I go with.

          1. There's an excellent Chinese Buffet place in Quincy called International Buffet. It's in the Kan Man Marketplace plaza on Quincy Ave.

            They have a huge selection of items, including a peking duck station, and sushi, too. They have a good selection of shumai and dumplings, and a nice variety of seafood, pork, beef and veggie dishes. I believe it's $15.00 for dinner.