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Jul 5, 2006 02:57 PM

Best Italian on the South Shore?

I'm not much a of a city dweller, so I'm looking for some great Italian food in the South Shore - anywhere between Braintree and Plymouth and all points in between

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  1. Mezzo Mare in Hull is an excellent place for both Northern and Southern Italian food. It also has a very nice, cozy feel to it. Definitely a nice place to go as a couple...

    1. Hands down it would be:

      Saporito in Hull
      Tosca in Hingham
      Trattoria San Pietro in Norwell

      I also heard the folks that own Trattoria San Pietro just opened a new more casual Italian place in Pembroke called Vesuvio or Vesuvius. general reports has been good food, service at little lacking. We are going to head there this week.

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        These are all excellent choices, but very high end, and not at all basic Italian food.You won't be disappointed in any of these selections including Mezzo Mare. Have been to all, and will go back to all. Enjoy!

      2. I work in Marshfield, so I pass Vesuvio every day - I'll have to check it out one of these nights

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        1. Cafe Bella in Randolph is excellent.

          1. Biggie, If you want some great family style Italian food, you need to get yourself down to Gennaro's Eatery on Blanchard Rd. in Quincy. They have most all the usual Italian fare including toasted raviolis,great pizza and calzones, bread and rolls are baked fresh on premises everyday, soups are made from scratch as are all the desserts. Gerry, the owner makes a whole array of desserts everyday, including Italian rum cake, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, cookies, biscottis(try the cinnamon and clove,yum!),eclairs,etc.,etc.. You will find the portions are huge, qaulity is excellent, and the prices reasonable, beforwarned, if you go on a Thu.,Fri., or Sat. night, even with the new dining room, you can expect to wait unless you go early, and don't be put off by the appearance of the place, they have on-going renovations as they are getting ready to put in a new kitchen and prep area, in fact I don't think there is a sign right now, as a new one is on order, just look for the tan building with green trim on the corner of Blanchard Rd. and Quincy Ave., next to the big apartment bldg.
            Seriously, check this place out, you won't be disappointed.

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              Well, I have to give Gennaro's another try. Haven't been for over a year and that's because on two consecutive times we did take out for the family, the food was lousy. The pasta's were over cooked, the chicken was dry as cardboard, white sauces just plain bland. Before that we used to be regulars. At least 2 take outs / month or two. It may have attributed to the theory posted in link below.