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Jul 5, 2006 02:46 PM

Farhat Shawarma Restaurant

I happened to be driving along Lawrence E. at lunch time yesterday, got a shawarma craving, and saw Farhat Restaurant. As soon as I walked in I knew I'd come to the right place. There were 4 HUGE shawarma skewers cooking! Beef, lamb, and chicken (not sure of the 4th--maybe another chicken), all halal meat.

This place is in a strip mall, near Nasr Foods (I think that's the name), on the north side of Lawrence E. between Pharmacy and Warden.

Shawarmas are $3.50 each or 2/$5.99. I had a lamb shawarma with all the fixings--delicious and juicy. All toppings nice and fresh: lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, sauces, pickled turnips (a little on the neon side). I'll be back--best shawarma I've had in Toronto.

I can't comment on the falafel or kabob. Everyone else was ordering shawarmas too.

Farhat Restaurant
2020 Lawrence Avenue East,

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  1. It sounds great!

    I'll have to remember to drop by if I'm in the area.

    1. Yeah, it is really good.
      I probably should have done this before my first posting, but I noticed other references to Farhat from the old CH Board when I searched it. "Goober" was a real proponent of this place. I certainly agree.

      1. *sucks drool back into mouth* Thanks for the recommendation!

        1. Paid a visit this past Saturday. I've been to a few shawarma places around the city, but these boys are consistently the best. They were very busy, only one guy behind the counter, and the place was packed. Huge beef, lamb and chicken skewers were in full grease-dripping, arterial-clogging mode :))

          I like my meat slightly crispy, but still juicy, with just the right amount of pickles and garlic sauce added, and a splatter of hot sauce. Amazing.

          Get there early. By closing time (10 or 11 pm) much of the meat is gone... I found that out the hard way a few times before.

          Oh, and while you are there, pay the Nasr grocery store a visit. Lots of good stuff there. I'm hooked on the crunchy breadsticks (chili and fennel types) as well as the non-alcoholic fruit flavored malt beverages. Goes really well with the shawarma.