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Jul 5, 2006 02:45 PM

Dinner near downtown Nordstrom:SEA

I will be at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle at 5th and Pine in a couple of weeks with a friend and my 85 year old mother. I would appreciate suggestions of restaurants within a couple of blocks walking distance where we can get an early dinner. I would like to eat at one of Tom Douglas' restaurants, but they are a bit of a hike from 5th and Pine. Any cuisine would be fine. Thanks.

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  1. Jane, It is a very short cab ride from Nordstroms to The Dahlia Lounge. I sincerely think your mother would love The Dahlia, it's a classic Seattle experience.

    1. That area of downtown is a culinary wasteland. The Dahlia Lounge and Lola are only about 3 blocks away. Palace Kitchen is a bit farther and less than $5 by cab

      1. Palace kitchen will be good for an early dinner (they tend to get busy and don't take reservations).

        Nordstrom has concierge service, btw -- you might check with them about arranging your cab.

        1. Do not give in and go to Dragonfish.

          1. Dragonfish has a great happy hour! I'd stay away during normal dinner hours though