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Jul 5, 2006 02:34 PM

Sunday Eats in Philly?

Looks like a lot of good restaurants like Matyson and Marigold Kitchen are closed on Sundays.

What are good Sunday choices?

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  1. If you're looking for a BYO open on Sunday, Bistro 7 would be my choice.

    Other great, but non-BYO Sunday options are Ansill and Amada--both serve small plates/tapas.

    1. Here's a hot new suggestion, but not in town: Taste of Portugal, on Adams Ave, in a strip mall near a Mc Donald's--essentially corner of Adams and Tabor.

      I heard raves about this place on Chowhound, and can't wait to go there, as authentic Portugeuse places have been in short supply. Definitely open on Sundays--lots of parking.

      1. London Grill has a great Sunday brunch with outdoor tables for people watching. Rembrandt's is pretty good too.

        1. BYOB's open on Sunday:

          Branzino, 17th St. just north of Spruce - excellent food, lovely atmosphere.

          Tre Scalini - in South Philly, one of regular favorites, consistently good. Call ahead, they seem to be doing some renovations to the building.

          Radicchio, 4th and Wood - excellent, but doesn't take reservations.

          Even though it's easier to get into these places in the summertime, it is still advisable to make a reservation.

          1. Radicchio tops the list. I am not sure if Caffe Casta Diva is open on Sundays but that would be a good choice too. We like Figs in the Art Museum area. Good medi byo and they are open Sundays.