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Jul 5, 2006 02:23 PM

Friday nite dinner in Metarie area

Flying in to NO Friday evening and interested in some good restaurant ideas in the Metarie area. Thanks!

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  1. What sort of food are you seeking? Close to the airport & nice: Le Parvenu on Williams (modern american cooking, some LA ingredients & creole inspiration) and Restaurant da Piero (northern italian), also on Williams (toward the river from Airline Highway). But these are both in Kenner, not Metairie.

    1. If proximity to the airport is part of the deal, I'll second Le Parvenu. All meals there have been great. I do wish that they would work on their wine list a bit, and upgrade the stemware, but I guess that is a small price to pay. We have even taken to storing a set of Riedel at mom-in-law's, just to take along.


      1. Years ago, Patty Unterman, an SF restauranteur and critic, recommended Bozo's Roadhouse in Metairie. It was closed when I went there on a Sunday on the way to a flea market that was also closed. Is it still there post Katrina?

        1. I'll second Da Piero. Good Italian food, and not the "Creole Italian" we're so used to in New Orleans. It's actually very close to Le Parvenu.

          1. Hi, I was in town for a quick visit to my folks in Old Metairie last month and we had a nice dinner at Zeke's, 1517 Metairie Rd. It's casual Creole, good basic stuff. Sadly, the old owner Zeke Unangst died in Houston a few months back but the new ownership seemed to be keeping it pretty much as it was pre-K.