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Jul 5, 2006 02:20 PM

Raleigh NC area

We will be spending a week in mid-September in the area around Raleigh NC. Looking for good eats within 100 miles or so: b-b-q, home cookin', etc. (make that 200 miles for REALLY good food)
Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Uh-oh, you asked about barbecue within 100 miles of are likely to be bombarded with the "Eastern NC" vs. "Lexington Style" argument!

    With that said, Clyde Coopers in downtown Raleigh is always excellent, as is Allen and Sons in Chapel Hill for close-by options; I'll leave the further-out to others.

    If you want a good, down-home Southern breakfast, Big Ed's in City Market in Raleigh will get that done.

    It might be further than the 100 mi. range, but if you're a fan of The Andy Griffith show, you need to hit Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy for a pork chop sandwich. These are just a few, but I'm sure you'll hear ideas from many others! Good luck and happy chowing!

    1. My husband & I will be staying overnight in downtown Raleigh on March 31st. Any recommendations for a good place to eat dinner? We love good, interesting food. It doesn't have to be fancy, just not a national chain or fast food.

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        Hi PDeveaux,
        A friend and I recently ate at Caffe Luna downtown and really enjoyed it - good food and service, with a nice atmosphere. Reasonably priced, too. We both enjoyed seafood pasta dishes
        Have fun, wherever you end up going!