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Mission: 4 girlfriends, this Saturday, looking for a cheap place to drink, eat, and lounge for several hours - Downtown.

For some reason I'm totally out of ideas. Looking for a decent, but affordable place to sit back, relax, eat, drink, and chat with 4 very good friends for several hours this Saturday.

Nothing on College (too much of a soccer crowd). Apps $8-10, mains $10-20, drinks... well, no $15 martinis. :)

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. Not sure if it qualifies as cheap or not but Big Daddy's at King and Simcoe. Great food (Cajun/Creole) and they have some sofas and coffee tables in the bar are you can hang out in.


    1. Another thought would be: Something like Terroni, but where you won't feel so rushed to leave. Mmmm...Terroni... :)

      1. been to the baldwin village area? between mccaul and beverley st?

        it's a nice, calm but still lively in a vibrant type of way street that's just wonderful to sit on the patio of. price of food really ranges there and so does cultural preferences. i was just at john's italian deli a couple nights ago and got my addictive dish, penne a ila vodka (~$11) with a glass of pinot grigio ($8.75). tonnes of great pizza options as well. it's very casual and not trendy by any means, but definitely a great place to relax and chat without any feeling of being rushed.

        in the same area, and i know i might get blasted about mexican food by someone, but i really enjoy margaritas fiesta bar because the food is good and inexpensive. they offer corn tortillas and massive margaritas and you can have a really great time there. i used to love their cactus shrimp but they're skimping on the cactus and the shrimp are turning more rubbery. chorizo tacos, yum!

        following some suggestions from a similar thread earlier, via oliveto is also quite nice and very relaxed.

        peter pan bistro off queen st w and peter st has a varied menu that's very reasonably priced and done well. it might go a bit above the $20 mark, but not by much.

        1. There is only one place that satisfies all of your requirements..The Drake Hotel has good food a great patio and cheap drinks till 7 pm ($3.75 mixed drinks)..After that you are on your own!!

          1. I've spent many an hour at Caffé Volo, soaking up drinks as well as conversation. It's near Yonge & Wellesley, and has a great selection of local microbrews, as well as the usual bar/resto stuff.


            1. My suggestion would be Laide at Adelaide & Jarvis. It is a small funky lounge that you can hang out in and try out their cocktail list (love the three layer martini!). They also have their version of Summerlicious - 3 courses for $25 - great deal and amazing food.. I love their lamb and cashew pot stickers


              1. What about Wish at Yonge and Charles? If it's a warm night, sit out on their beautiful patio and they make some GREAT martinis.

                1. Supermarket on Augusta half a block south of College...I loved the food here...mostly SE asian small plates...but decent Jerk pork, too! FYI they have 2 seatings...one around 6 and one around 8:30...

                  Also think Torito and Rice Bar might be fun options on Augusta...haven't had a chance to try either of them yet.

                  1. I second the motion for Caffe Volo at Yonge & Dundonald. My girlfriends & I go there deliberately for the bad service. That is to say we enjoy good food & wine that arrives so slowly we can talk for hours without running up a huge tab. There's a patio too and this weekend is supposed to be sunshine all the time. Don't forget it's Celebrate Toronto this weekend all up & down Yonge though.

                    1. Thanks for all of the recommendations. Taking everything into account, we've decided to try Caffe Volo. I'll try and report back on how it goes.

                      Thanks again!