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Jul 5, 2006 01:59 PM

Mission: 4 girlfriends, this Saturday, looking for a cheap place to drink, eat, and lounge for several hours - Downtown.

For some reason I'm totally out of ideas. Looking for a decent, but affordable place to sit back, relax, eat, drink, and chat with 4 very good friends for several hours this Saturday.

Nothing on College (too much of a soccer crowd). Apps $8-10, mains $10-20, drinks... well, no $15 martinis. :)

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. Not sure if it qualifies as cheap or not but Big Daddy's at King and Simcoe. Great food (Cajun/Creole) and they have some sofas and coffee tables in the bar are you can hang out in.


    1. Another thought would be: Something like Terroni, but where you won't feel so rushed to leave. Mmmm...Terroni... :)

      1. been to the baldwin village area? between mccaul and beverley st?

        it's a nice, calm but still lively in a vibrant type of way street that's just wonderful to sit on the patio of. price of food really ranges there and so does cultural preferences. i was just at john's italian deli a couple nights ago and got my addictive dish, penne a ila vodka (~$11) with a glass of pinot grigio ($8.75). tonnes of great pizza options as well. it's very casual and not trendy by any means, but definitely a great place to relax and chat without any feeling of being rushed.

        in the same area, and i know i might get blasted about mexican food by someone, but i really enjoy margaritas fiesta bar because the food is good and inexpensive. they offer corn tortillas and massive margaritas and you can have a really great time there. i used to love their cactus shrimp but they're skimping on the cactus and the shrimp are turning more rubbery. chorizo tacos, yum!

        following some suggestions from a similar thread earlier, via oliveto is also quite nice and very relaxed.

        peter pan bistro off queen st w and peter st has a varied menu that's very reasonably priced and done well. it might go a bit above the $20 mark, but not by much.

        1. There is only one place that satisfies all of your requirements..The Drake Hotel has good food a great patio and cheap drinks till 7 pm ($3.75 mixed drinks)..After that you are on your own!!

          1. I've spent many an hour at Caffé Volo, soaking up drinks as well as conversation. It's near Yonge & Wellesley, and has a great selection of local microbrews, as well as the usual bar/resto stuff.