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Jul 5, 2006 01:50 PM

Where's the best Margarita in the Tampa Bay area?

Where's the best Margarita in the Tampa Bay area?

While we're on the subject of alcoholic drinks, has anyone come across an awesome Mango Mojito?

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  1. Adobe Gila's in Ybor is one of my favorites for both.

    1. I had a mango mojito in Miami on Lincoln Road. I preferred the regular ones and my favorite place for a mojito in Tampa is Spain in downtown Tampa.

      I like the margueritas at the VIP Lounge in Treasure Island.

      1. I'm still not sure about this one. I am hesitant to have a margarita at most places in town; they are mostly sour mix and a shot of tequila. However, I'm kind of a margarita snob. Please post back if you find a good one. I am looking forward to trying the VIP Lounge though!

        Ok, lemme get back to drinking my homemade margarita :-)

        -Kevin -- The margarita page!

        1. Top shelf Patron Margarita at Thirsty Marlins in Palm Harbor

          1. The best margarita I have found was at the Cafe inside the Tahitian Inn. The bartender , Janeal, surprised the heck out of me!

            I've also gotten pretty good margaritas at the Blue Martini at International Plaza/Bay Street.