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Jul 5, 2006 01:14 PM

Bangladeshi In Astoria/LIC?

We have a Bangladeshi friend coming in to town -- she's craving good Bangladeshi food (she lives in the midwest) and we will have a limited window of time during which to take her to dinner. Are there any good, reasonably authentic places in Astoria/LIC? As an aside, is the Megna Restaurant near 30th Avenue Bangladeshi or Indian? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Check out my post on Cafe Jhill. It might well fit the bill. When I walked through the door I felt as if I'd left New York City and even North America far behind.

    1. "Spicy Mina" is a Bangledeshi restaurant that isn't exactly in Astoria/LIC (it's in Woodside), but it's close enough that it would be sorta criminal not to take your friend...

      Ask for the food to be made 'spicy'... Samosa Chat, Shrimp Dopiyaja, Palak Paneer are particular standouts, but everything's good/great. Prices are on the high-end (for Queens), but they have a reasonable lunch special (you might have to ask for it specifically)

      [Spicy Mina 64-23 Broadway] (65 st stop on the G,R,V)