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Jul 5, 2006 11:32 AM

Lobster Roll in Martha's Vineyard?

Ok, since we are on a Lobster Roll roll...and it is one of my favorite foods to eat, we'll be in MV early Sept. Where are the best places there to get lobster rolls? TIA!

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  1. It's not like Maine, where your choices are virtually infinite. We're Up Islanders (meaning that we avoid the towns), so we get our rolls at The Galley or Larsen's in Menemsha. Pretty good frozen custard at The Galley, too. We've gotten lobster rolls at some hoity-toiter joint in Edgartown, but I think the Galley has it beat (plus, I can't remember which one -- maybe the Navigator?). I don't know if Net Result has lobster rolls, but they'll be pretty good if they do.

    some other foods not to miss:

    Fried Clams from The Bite in Menemsha
    Pies from Back Alleys
    Anything from Morning Glory Farm on the road between Edgartown and West Tisbury
    Noodles from the West Tisbury farmers market (Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon)
    Oysters on the back dock from Larsen's

    HAve fun!

    1. David Ryan's in Edgartown has a really good one and they serve it with homemade potato chips - yum! Its on the bar menu and its not hoity-toity.

      1. I second the lobster roll at Larsen's Fish Market. Everything I've had from there has been excellent.

        Good lobster roll also at The Galley on North Road in Menemsha

        Also, try the great fried flounder -- and the potato salad -- at The Bite.



        1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'll have to try more than one :-0