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Jul 5, 2006 11:14 AM

Tanqueray #10 Gin — Thoughts?

My wife and I lately have been using Tanqueray's #10 gin (large skinny green bottle) for our martinis, and it has now become our gin of choice. To us it has an appealing very slightly sweet aromatic flavor.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this gin?

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    1. Am gald you are enjoying your martinis with T-10. In the last few months I have been trying different gins. I tried T-10 about a month ago. I am finding that I am old time gin drinker and not into the milder, lighter gins. Having said that the T-10 was enjoyable with its citrus flavors. I have already posted on Beefeaters Wet and how I disliked it after posting I went and read the bottle and it is suppose to have a hint of pear. You might say it was not the apple in the tree that caused the problem but the pear in the bottle. Give me a Gin and Tonic with the most juniper taste with a longleaf pine swizzle stick and a pine cone for decoration. With the way that Vodka is pushing gin for shelf space I hope I can continue to be that man in the song Piano Man by Billy Joel "that old man make love to his tonic and gin."

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        You should read a great gin article in the Wall Street Journal from last Saturday. Bottom line, the reviewer preferred t-10 in his gin and tonic claiming it added a citrus scent to it. But preferred Hendricks and Plymouth for the martinis.

        Here is the link, though you may need to be a member

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          Interesting, 1 wiener hound. If you're still around these parts, could you talk about which gin brands taste most juniper-y? I love the smell and taste, but haven't tried many brands and would be curious about your views.

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            Anchor Junipero has probably the most upfront and intense juniper in any gin.

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              Agreed - it's hands-down the most juniper'y of the gins I've had. Wonderful for G&Ts, but for me, too much for martinis, for which I prefer Hendricks.

        2. While not a traditional gin, Tanqueray 10 is certainly very well made (like everything Tanqueray does). It's distilled with grapefruit and other citrus fruits and particularly suited for tall, summery drinks.

          I would be hesitant to call a martini made with it a "martini". But I'm a horrible snob. Although I'm sure it's quite good.

          1. It's good, but I don't like it as much as the discontinued Malacca. The plain version is what I prefer for my Gin and Bitter lemons.

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              I used to love Malaca. I was so disappointed when they discontinued it. For our wedding, our party favors were martini glasses with little bottles of Malaca!

              Obviously, I like Bombay, but I do like Ten.

            2. 10 is my hands down favorite gin! I just bought a bottle of Hendricks, and while I find it really different, I still prefer the 10. The 10 I drink both straight and in my tonics. I'm not a martini drinker, so I can't comment on that use.

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                Can you explain how Hendricks is differnt from T-10? On the citrus to Juniper flavored gin continum, I place T-10 as most citrus, Tanq. somewhere in the middle and Plymouth toward the Juniper. What sort of flavors did you notice in the Hendricks?

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                  Hendricks doesn't have a heavy citrus taste. It starts with the juniper as do most gins but very lightly, then you get a slightly bitter herbal and citrus flavor, then the hints of cucumber and floral from the rose. I am tasting the dregs of a bottle here and giving my thoughts as I type. It finishes with a nice little bit of lip tingling and numbing.

                  By the way, the most citrus tasting gin I have ever had is Zuidam from Holland.

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                    The Hendricks is a much more subtle flavor, with the main essence being floral. If it weren't for the mention of cucumber, I don't think I would isolate that flavor. I am in the hunt to try Zuidam to compare to the 10.