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Does anyone know some good places to get great scones? I've tried Amy's Bread and Whole Foods' orange cranberry scone (a while ago). Thank you!

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  1. I think that the best traditional scones are available at Sara Beth's - I'm not a big fan of scones with non-traditional ingredients.

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      I'm not too knowledgable on scones, but they seem to be either in the form of
      - hard outside/ soft inside, kind of like a pastry
      - more similar to a buttermilk biscuit-style, with some type of raisin mixed in

      The scones at Sarabeth's are of the buttermilk biscuit variety (with blackcurrants, not raisins). They're particularly good with some whipped cream (homemade; just ask for it) and those preserves...

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        I would 2nd this as a likelihood - though don't remember their scones. The pumpkin waffles are utterly amazing though.

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          I'm enamored with their pumpkin waffles.

      2. I like the orange scones that Au Bon Pain makes. Really like them.

        1. Balthazar has great scones both sweet and savory every day.

          1. I havn't been there in ages... but The Read Cafe at 158 Bedford Avenue does a great job with scones. They go all out with the clotted cream and all and it's a very pleasant spot to hang out in. They have a garden out back too.

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              Up until a few months ago, I would have enthusiastically seconded your recommendation of Read Cafe; their Traditional Currant Scones were, I thought, the best in town. But their currant source seems to have dried up, so now they're using raisins instead. I wouldn't have thought that it would make that much difference, but it really does. The raisin scones are okay, but nothing approaching the perfection of the currants. So until they find a new currant source, I'm avoiding them. By the way, if you go in there, be careful; the sign on the display case still says Traditional Currant, so ask before you order.

            2. I love the scones at Good & Plenty To Go on W43rd just west of 9th Ave. They make 'em fresh in the morning but usually run out around noon. I also love their homemade jelly doughnuts, maple walnut cookies, Brazilian cheese biscuits and all manner of other homemade baked goods.

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                I love the pumpkin scones at Alice's Teacup. Most of their other scones are also very tasty, although some are on the dry side. Unfortunately, they change their flavors every day, so you're not guaranteed that only the good flavors will be available. But if there's pumpkin, you're golden.

                There are two locations, one at 73rd and Columbus and the other on E. 64th. I believe that only the East Side location takes reservations, but the UWS location is much, much cuter (good for out-of-town visitors) and I also think the food is better. If you want the whole experience, try getting to the UWS location early in the day to avoid a long wait.


              2. The very first and to date best scone I've ever had was just around the corner from a main MIT hall in Cambridge, Mass., in some coffee shop where you order at the counter and then go sit down. Nothing in the last 20 years has come close.

                1. I second the recommendation of Alice's Tea Cup. I love all their scones, and in particular the pumpkin ones that hugeglutton recommends above. You can get it take-out with a helping of clotted cream and jam.

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                    Oh yes. Those pumpkin scones are just heaven. Definitely not traditional, but so darn yummy.

                  2. The scones I like best are sold in the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays at a bread stand on the west side of the market about halfway. Sorry I don't recall the name of the stand. However it is near Beth's Farm Kitchen jam stand and on the same side. These are either cranberry or current, contain some small chopped nuts and are extremely buttery. But they are expensive having gone up from $1.50 to $3.00 each within the last year or so.

                    1. When Sally Lunn's was in Princeton, NJ, they had wonderful scones. Freshly baked, not at all dry and wonderful flavors. I think there's one still in Chester, NJ. Have been meaning to get up there.

                      I did like the one i had at Alice's Tea Cup though. It was a savory ham and cheese scone that went beautifully with the lentil soup I had there.

                      Frankly, having tasted numerous dry/hard scones, I'd say the best bet is to make your own from scratch. Once you get a basic mix, you can make multiple flavors in one batch if you want.

                      1. I agree with one of the above posters about Balthazar's. I am a big fan of their oat scones with currents which I usually buy at either Oren's Coffee on Waverly or Dean and Deluca (a bit more expensive - natch) And eat them almost every week.

                        I also like a sugerfree berry scone that I buy at Joes coffee, but have seen elsewhere. It is not too dry or too sweet and the sugar is not missed.

                        1. The new coffe shop/take out place Paradis has amayzing scones, both the blueberry and cranberry were as good as scones can be. And I don't even like cranberrys! Its on 4th ave and 12th street.

                          1. You might try Once Upon A Tart. I have their cookbook, which I love, and their scones have been very good. Tea & Sympathy has good traditional british scones.

                            1. Clinton Street Baking Company in the Lower Eastside!