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Jul 5, 2006 10:18 AM


Does anyone know some good places to get great scones? I've tried Amy's Bread and Whole Foods' orange cranberry scone (a while ago). Thank you!

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  1. Alice's Tea Cup on the UWS -- Pumpkin Scones

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    1. re: tupac17616

      All of the scones at Alice's are wonderful -- whether served on their own or with the traditional accompaniments. Much lighter than what you can get anywhere else in the city.

    2. Two Little Red Hens (UES and Park Slope) - great scones, get them while they're still warm in the morning. Some of the flavors vary seasonally, but they do a great berry one and sometimes they have cranberry orange, if you're craving that again...

      1. The best scones in the city are at Once Upon A Tart on Sullivan Street. The cherry scones are to die for, but they have different kinds as well. Yummy...